Different Reading Styles You Should Know

There are many types of reading styles and each reading style should be used depending on a certain situation. By learning the different reading styles, you will find reading so much easier and more pleasant. We can differ reading styles by speed of reading, purpose of  reading, and types of reading materials.

Each reading style should be used for the right situation. (Photo by Majorlight)

Each reading style should be used for the right situation. (Photo by Majorlight)

Speed of Reading

Reading styles can be differentiated by the speed of reading. Sometimes, we read really fast if it is easy reading or we just simply do not have that much time to spend on reading. Sometimes, we read slowly on a Sunday afternoon when we are not in a hurry.

  • Fast Reading Style: This style should be used when the time is limited or the reading material is easy or not very important. For example, you can just scan the newspaper articles or magazine articles. Fast reading can be hard for some people, especially who are still learning the language. The best way to learn fast reading style is to read more and push yourself to read faster. Check this wiki how link for how to learn speed reading.
  • Slow Reading Style: This style should be used when there is plenty of time or the reading material is hard or has important information in it. For example, you may get a book assignment in school and you have to do a project on that book. It will be a good idea to read the book, so you can have a deeper understanding of the book.

Purpose of Reading

The purpose of reading decides the style of reading you should use.

  • Entertainment Purpose: If you read something just for fun, you do not really have to worry about which reading style you use. You can choose the speed of reading that makes yourself comfortable. You can also decide if you just want to scan it or read it critically.
  • Information Purpose: A lot of times, we read to get information. For example, we read newspaper or news websites to get attached to the rest of the world. We read textbooks in school to learn the materials. These reading may be boring, but they are essential and beneficial for us. Again, the speed of reading can be slow or fast.
  • Critical Purpose: If you read and analyze something at the same time, it is called critical reading. Students read critically usually in their English classes, especially those in Advanced English classes like AP Literature ( Check this post to learn about AP classes). Critical reading takes more time and energy. Usually the materials are literature, poems, or some other pieces with depth. When reading critically, you could use post-it flags to mark important quotes or interesting points. You could also write down your thoughts or notes in the book if you own the book or simply on another sheet of paper. Critical reading sometimes requires you to read the same piece again and again. For more tips on critical reading, check this website.
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