Different Types of Jargon

There are many different types of jargon out there – from computer nerd jargon to military jargon – here’s a helpful list of definitions for several types of jargon so that you can be more equipped in understanding everyone, regardless of what type of subculture they come from. This is helpful for use in business, in social settings, and even just for your plain own understanding. All of these jargons come directly from the database jargondatabase. Want more jargon? Go directly to their website here.

A typographical depiction of jargon. (photo by Gavin Llewellyn)

A typographical depiction of jargon. (photo by Gavin Llewellyn)


#1. Business Jargon:

Quid Pro Quo – “The act of a manager asking a subordinate to perform sexual favors in exchange for improved standing or status within the organization. The phrase is Latin meaning “This For That”.”

So now you know, if anyone asks you Quid Pro Quo – say no, leave, and then file a lawsuit because that is just ridiculous. No, seriously.

#2. Business Jargon:

Dead Cat Bounce – “Refers to the rally enjoyed by a plumenting stock before it completely tanks. Based on the logic that even a dead cat will bounce if dropped from a high enough place.”

#3. School Jargon:

Robin Hood Effect – “Most commonly applied to Universities and other forms of higher education, this is what happens when a school gives out financial aid, and charges slightly higher tuition to cover the cost. As this is repeated over the years there is extremely high tuition, which results in all of the students needing financial aid.”

Yeah – this isn’t a conspiracy theory about college and their pricing but gives valid reasoning toward what really happened and why our tuition really is that high. If you know anything about the life of Robin Hood, he basically took from the rich to give to the poor. A “wholesome” task, but a hindrance in excess.

#4. Computer Jargon:

Argumentum Ad Funderam – “Attacking someone’s positions (usually that someone works for a think tank or lobbying group) by attacking those who fund that person.”

Makes sense. I mean, remember when everyone freaked out because they realized that Chic-Fil-A, a Christian company, -‘s owner revealed that (what a shocker!) he was not supportive of gay marriage. This is essentially the same thing, except Chic-Fil-A is a real place, and the internet is not.

#5. Military Jargon:

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) – “Information gained by listening to electro-magenetic signals sent to convey a human readable message, even though the message may be encrypted.”

Okay, I still don’t understand how they can read an encrypted message but – thankfully I’m not part of the military! All of it is still so cool though!

#6. School Jargon:

Falling Rolls – “A decline in the number of people enrolled at a particular school for any reason.”

I suppose this one derives from “enroll” and falling is just obvious.

Well, I hope that was a good glimpse into jargon so you can better understand the world around you. It’s so interesting to see a bunch of different jargons – it’s as if you get a view into a very different world. Or at least a different language.

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