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Though the Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton, FL is on the cutting-edge of technology for those looking to get an accredited degree in an ever-growing, ever-changing industry, it does not and can not offer distance learning. Why? Because the up to date and constantly evolving technology doesn’t allow for people to work at home at their own pace, not unless they have up to the minute access to programs and hardware.

Located in South Florida, one of the hubs of digital media with a large youth population and numerous opportunities for careers beyond the college, the DMAC was created in 2001 to address the need for trained professional in a number of digital fields. Offering both Bachelor and Master of Fine Art degrees, DMAC utilizes current technologies and software to ready prospective arts to compete in a world that has gone computer.

DMAC has amassed an impressive reputation in the 9 years since its inception, ensuring that faculty are terminally degreed in their fields (many are also industry veterans in their fields) and are given small classes allowing for individual attention for each student. With regular system and program updates every semester, as well as faculty trained regularly in the newest technologies from their fields, students at DMAC are equipped with the tools to succeed immediately. These artists are given training in not just general education and art, but in the use of what businesses are using now, giving them a leg up on the learning curve so many face in their initial years in the work force.

Their rolling admissions policy allows for entrance in any of their three full semesters (meaning there is no calendar window for applications) and DMAC has ensured that they stock their labs full with the tools used in the real, work world already. This private school boasts numerous PC and Mac labs on campus (using software from Adobe to Macromedia Flash), traditional design studios (as well as a motion capture studio), and online access to nearby library resources (as there is no library on campus). Unfortunately, online library and some online homework are the real extent of the distance learning here, as most students wouldn’t have the technology to work off campus full time, or the funds to keep them abreast of updated software.

DMAC offers accelerated BFAs (three year Bachelor degrees) in graphic design, computer arts, and computer animation, as well as an MFA (a one and a half year degree) in both special effects animation and graphic design.  Students are immediately thrust in to designing, with no wait or computer sharing, and are taught as if they were hired already, training on the type of soft/hardware they’d be using currently in businesses today. That, coupled with access to great numbers of surrounding digital media businesses in the South Florida area, makes no only post-college employment easier, but allows DMAC to mine the companies for faculty familiar with the workings of the business world.

Their mission of a “specialized curriculum designed to educate, nourish, and inspire students while also satisfying the demands of the industries we serve – a pure focus on the digital arts” in a setting as fine as South Florida make DMAC one of the leaders in digital media training in the country.

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