Disney and the Lessons it has Taught us

No matter what year you were born, the Disney franchise has become part of your life and effected it in some way. Whether you saw it as a kid or you saw it as a parent. There is more about it than we realize though. There is more than just mouse ears and magical rides. The movies, songs, and shows have many secret lessons about life and education that they secretly have taught us.

The lessons of life and education that Disney has taught us.(photo credit Yinghai)

There are countless lessons to be found and realized. As kids we are unsure of ourselves and may be even afraid to try things. We hide behind our parents at parties and are afraid to raise our hands in class. In Aladdin the lesson of being yourself is taught. For most of the story he is pretending to be someone else, someone he thinks he would be better off being and someone the princess and sultan would like more. He has inner turmoil until he realizes that being himself is better than pretending to be anyone else. So how can a kid or anyone of any age benefit from that lesson? Well first off you become more likely to interact in and out of school or work. You won’t be afraid to ask questions or to say wrong answers. You will also pursue more of your goals and dreams despite others’ opinions. To be yourself is to pursue the most knowledge you want to without doubting yourself. Toy Story also helps you be comfortable in your own skin when Buzz Lightyear realizes its okay if he isn’t really a space ranger, he is still good in a different way.

Monsters Inc. teaches about the importance of innovation. They have a way of doing their company but they realize the violence and inequality about it. No one had to change anything-there was no force for it. But because of the feeling of wanting a change and wanting to create a new idea, a change was made. Does that mean every kid should go change a company? No of course not. It is about teaching people to try to make their ideas and creations work. Teaching people to pursue their education and learn more and more so that their ideas will become realities. We only go as far as our mind will let us and our mind goes as far as the knowledge we seek.

Going to school and obtaining knowledge is crucial and important to get success; however, we also need to be able to not stay in what is only comfortable but in what could have great possibilities. In Tangled she left the known and adventured to the unknown and ended up learning more about herself than she ever did in the tower. So we shouldn’t be afraid to go to a difficult school or to try to impress our boss for a promotion. The big risks is what gets us far and teaches us on how to keep moving.

Many kinds of movies and shows have secret lessons that we may not realize. We should use them to pursue our educational goals. The media is a big part of our lives and society and we should use it for positive ways.

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