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Only a few years ago Santa Fe College was Santa Fe Community College. Opened in 1966, it was located next to the University of Florida in Gainesville Florida, and served as a launching pad for incoming students trying to get their Associate of Arts degree and finish up at UF. But over the years Santa Fe grew in size, enrollment, and prestige, and then in 2008 changed its name to Santa Fe College, to help showcase its burgeoning Bachelors degree programs.

Consider getting your AA at SFC, Photo by Wijnants on flickr

Santa Fe College is still growing and expanding, and now offers several degrees and certificates through their distance learning program.

Currently, Santa Fe on line offers the Associate of Science degree in Business.

For the Associate of Arts degree they offer many programs, including Anthropology, Womens Studies, Business, Sociology, Classical Studies, Religion, Criminology, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, English, Philosophy, History, Linguistics, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

For more information about these programs check out the Santa Fe Open Campus.

Santa Fe also offers a wide array of courses in its Community Education program. These are short, intense courses covering a specific topic, paid for with a one time charge, usually between ninety five and a hundred and nine dollars. All the courses are overseen by Santa Fe instructors, many of whom apparently are published authors.

There are dozens of these courses, including; introduction to Biology, Introduction to Chemistry, Introduction to College Algebra, Spanish, Italian, French, and English for the ESL (English as Second Language.) There are classes on web design and layout, photography, business writing, and PC security.

These courses are great for refresher classes, to catch up on a subject matter, to get more background on a topic for a paper or thesis, or to help get skills for a job. Many of the classes are geared towards employees, who can get ahead by learning new skills.

Some of the classes that might be of interest to working people interested in distance learning are Business Finance, using Microsoft Access, Using Quickbooks for Payroll, Quickbooks for Contractors, Using Microsoft Excel, Personal Finance, and Money Management. Any of these courses might help an employee get ahead, without the full commitment of taking a semester-long course.

Santa Fe College also offers a series of test prep courses, for the GED, SAT, ACT, and GMAT.

On a personal note, I’ve spent a lot of time on the Santa Fe College campus, and even taken a distance learning class from them. My experience is that the faculty and staff at Santa Fe are committed to pushing their school farther and making it a bigger school – my time there was well spent, with a good professor, and several helpful folks in the front office and the library. Unlike some “big” schools that are concerned only with enrollment, Santa Fe is a hungry up-and-comer looking to build a good reputation, and that translates into treating the students well and building a solid curriculum.

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