Distance Learning FAQ

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about distance learning. Many of the questions we get are about the best schools, financial aid, degree options, and tuition costs.

Question: What are the best schools for distance learning? Answer: It depends on what kind of degree you want to earn. The best schools for a bachelors degree in nursing are different than the best schools for a masters degree in economics.

Question: Is it possible to get financial aid for distance learning? Answer: Yes! We have written a guide to financial aid for distance learning. To summarize it: there are many opportunities for scholarships, grants, need based money, and merit based financial aid.

Question: What are the most popular distance learning degrees? Check out our info on the most popular distance learning degrees.

Question: Are distance learning degrees recognized by companies when you are looking for a job? Check out our article on accredited degrees.

Question: What does distance learning tuition cost? Check out our article on financial aid to learn about tuition expenses.

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