Distance Learning in the Military

Many active duty soldiers are using the online education opportunity to earn a degree or certification. The numbers are growing every year. There is freedom with attending college online, especially for soldiers that have rigid schedules to adhere to. Not only are more active duty soldiers looking to accredited online schools for their education, more online schools are offering low cost degree programs and certifications to military personnel. This is a great benefit to those that are active duty and need a convenient and accessible way to further their education. With military discounts and education plans, more and more soldiers are able to attend college and maintain their active duty status. The cost of books and materials are mainly the biggest expense for some, and housing becomes a non-issue, as the courses are online.

More and more soldiers are looking to online colleges to continue their education. (Photo courtesy of newsone.com)

While this is the best way to go for active duty military, there are some things that one should keep in mind when choosing an online distance learning program for military:

  • Is this coursework going to fit into my schedule? How will it be affected if I am deployed?
  • Is this college going to offer an appropriate or relevant degree/certification?
  • Will I be able to access my course work any time of day?

It is also important to do some research and look at different online college options. There are some online schools that are specifically available to military personnel, and there are some that are good fits because of the availability and what they have to offer.  There is a brief list of some of the best online college degree options for active duty military.

Financial aid is available that is specifically designed for a military income. There are federal grants specifically for military, and often times there are programs and military discounts offered through a good number of accredited online colleges.

There are also benefits for active duty soldiers who decide to attend an online college for their education:

  • Most online courses are available any time of day or night, and most will not hinder any active duty responsibility that soldiers have.
  • Financial services and federal grants are available specifically for military personnel.
  • With attending an online college comes the added benefit of finding the assigned text online as an eBook, and some tools may be available online as well.
  • An active duty soldier attending online classes has more leeway with taking longer periods of time to complete projects and assignments, and can even postpone some assignments or place the class on hold with no penalty.

There are many benefits for choosing to attend college online and enrolling in a distance learning program, and the benefits for military education are specific and very advantageous for active duty soldiers looking for a comfortable, convenient, and understanding way to further their education. Distance education is truly a growing entity, and as more and more civilian students is utilizing these options, so too is the military. And with it comes more opportunities to attend school online that are geared directly to soldiers and other military personnel.

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