Do You Want To Become A Dentist?

Almost everyone needs a dentist. You may need a dentist for adjusting your teeth by putting on a bracelet. You may need a dentist to have your teeth cleaned completely. You may need a dentist to fix your cavity. You may need a dentist to take out the wisdom teeth that are bothering you. You may need a dentist to help you to get fake teeth when you lose real teeth. There are many other circumstances that you may need a dentist. Dentist is a good career, because it is also in demand. Have you ever thought about becoming a dentist? Here are some information on dentist as a career path that may help you determine if being a dentist is right for you. If you think you want to find a job in the dental area other than dentist, check this post on Dental Assistant.

Being a dentist has many benefits. Do you want to become a dentist? ( Photo by sj_sanders)

Being a dentist has many benefits. Do you want to become a dentist and help people to have oral health? In order to become a dentist, you do have to work hard! ( Photo by sj_sanders)

1. What Is Dentist’s Job Outlook?

Dentists are highly paid and well treated. Also, there are growing needs for dentists. According to Bureau Of  Labor Statistics which is under United States Department Of Labor, the median pay of dentist in 2010 is about $150,000 every year. And the job is growing by  about 21% in 2010. Many people may think it takes too much effort to become a dentist, but the effort will be paid off when becoming a dentist.

2. What Are Some Requirements For Becoming A Dentist?

You need a doctoral or professional degree to become a dentist. And you will need to take DAT (Dental Admission Test) to get into a dental school. After getting your degrees, you have to get licensed by meeting the criteria in your state. Here are some characters that a good dentist should have:

  • Be able to communicate efficiently.
  • Have patience.
  • Be organized.
  • Business Ability.
  • Heedful.
  • Good with using their hands.
  • Good with science.

3. How Long Does It Take To Finish Dental School?

Dental school is about 4 years. However, you need to spend more years in dental school if you want to become a specialist in a certain area.

4. What To Take In High School?

If you are a high school student and are interested in becoming a dentist, you should definitely work hard and maintain high grade point average. Science courses like chemistry, physics, biology and math courses are especially important.

5. How To Find A Dental School?

There are many ways that you can find a dental school. You may find one that fits you by getting information from people you know. You may search online. But the best way to find a dental school is probably asking American Dental Association for help. American Dental Association is the “oldest dental organization in the world”. Check American Dental Association website to learn about dental schools and more information  on dentists and oral health.

If you want more tips on becoming a dentist, check this link.

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