Does it Feel Like You’re Mentally Challenged?

It’s the first semester of college and you don’t know what to do – considering you feel like you’re mentally challenged. Or at least, that’s how Happy Schools Blog referred to the feeling. Not to mention the fact that they referred to the feeling as a sick feeling. A feeling of “Nothing is going my way and I’m going to punch something.”

It's okay to feel like nothing makes sense. (photo by Soren Rajczyk)

It’s okay to feel like nothing makes sense. (photo by Soren Rajczyk)

Well, the intended purpose of that article was simply to show you that you’re not alone. Others feel the same way.

The first semester of college is tricky because we aren’t used to balancing a life of socialization, work, and school. Not to mention the fact that school now has added tremendous amounts of pressure to us, with just the price alone. But there’s a whole plethora of other reasons as to why the average high school – not even college – student has the same level of anxiety as one who was institutionalized in the early 1950s.

There are so many issues that come along with the college lifestyle, including:

  • financial problems

For example, the only thing I’m really worried about is losing my financial aid, which would mean it’d be harder for me to continue my educational journey.

  • stress of a course

I am definitely feeling this one, in my College Algebra class. Did you know College Algebra is one of the most withdrawn classes of your undergrad experience? Not to mention, my professor sucks. A lot. Next time I’m going to use Rate My Professors.

  • pressure to perform

Whether it’s peer pressure, self-inflicted pressure, or pressure from your parents – the pressure to keep your GPA strong like it was in high school has grown. Yes, it’s because you’re paying money for your classes, but it’s also because of the way that college is becoming necessary for any non-entry level job.

These things should not be taken lightly! In fact, they can’t be.

It’s ten times worse if you’re a transfer student from a different country and you’re coming to the USA simply for education. That’s what the writer from Happy Schools Blog is alluding to, more so than just being a freshman in college. It’s about being a freshman in college – in the USA.

The education system is different, you’re most likely alone and scared in a world that you don’t know just yet – and no one is there to really help you in your educational journey – only on your physical journey across the countries.

At the basis of it, no you’re not mentally challenged – no matter how much you feel it. You’re just struggling – and the key is to struggle well. No one said college would be the easiest thing. Because although it does seem a lot easier than high school, it’s the self-management that makes it hard.

If you don’t have discipline, you need to get some.

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