Does Your Brain Lean to the Right or the Left?

Does your mind tend to travel to lands of chess or lands of dreams? Do you prefer logic or creativity? The brain is known to have “two” sides with different traits and characteristics. The left side is full of math equations and science theories. It is the side focused on  logic, calculation,  and other thought processes. The right side is full of paintings and novels. The right side is more creative and emotional than logical and analytical. No person is solely one side; however, we do tend to lean more to one side of the brain. Scientists tend to be more on the left side and writers tend to be more on the right side of the brain. How do we know what side we are more like and how does that affect us?

Each side of the brain is known to have certain traits and describe us.(photo credit IsaacMao)

Many people believe that  the curriculum in school should be slightly altered to benefit both types of people. At the moment it benefits people that are left minded. It is all about obtaining facts and being able to repeat them. There isn’t much focus on the arts and the classes that have them are more for entertainment than to actually let out your emotions and thoughts. It also effects what kind of learner we are. Left brain sided people may learn better by lecture or reading and right brain sided might learn better by visuals or presentations.

It is common for a person to be of both. You may see logic in some circumstances while still wanting to dip a brush into some paint every now and then. There is no better side and no bad side. Both sides are needed in the world. We need logical people who rely on calculators and rulers to be our discoverers and teachers of the world. We need the creative free spirits to help decorate our world and make our world feel more whole.

Knowing what side you are or what side you are more like can actually help you decide on the kind of career you would like to be in. Our personality does more than effect how we act and dress, it creates our desires and fears. If you love to crunch numbers in and analyze the result, then a math or business kind of career would be best suited for you. That kind of career would be for a left sided brain kind of person.

If you love to read words and find every little meaning to it and then revealing the words in your heart to describe your reaction, maybe you should be a writer or something in the novel business. That would be a career for someone who has more of a right sided brain.

Writing has been around for years to unravel the heart and mind of one individual and share it with others. It has also been around to share new theories and ideas that could help develop the world. It is a good example how both sides can balance or how we need both sides. Regardless of what side you lean on, your mind is meant to benefit society and yourself.

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