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For many high schools, prom has either recently occurred or is about to. It is a time where students get to dress up, take pictures, eat dinner, dance, and overall just have a great time with mainly all seniors. In a way it is a celebration on all those years of school and how much you have accomplished. You are around people that you have been in school with for so long and you can all feel the anticipation for graduation and starting your lives as adults.

The key to staying focused and enjoying senior year.(photo credit toolstop)

While it is important to enjoy your senior year and make lasting memories with your friends, you should also be focusing on the road after graduation. There is no room or time to slack off. You are a couple steps from the finish line and one misstep could lead to your downfall. The key word is focus. It is a difficult balance between being excited and enjoying senior year and focusing on your school work and making sure you do your best for graduation.

So how do you keep a good balance?

  • Fight procrastination and senioritis. As tempting as it is to not do any work, it needs to be done. Just think about how little you have left to do. You can do all those homework assignments and tests, keep striving and reaching for your goal. 
  • Reward yourself. If you have done good on a test or got any kind of good grade, treat yourself with a night out or get something to eat. Knowing that your hard work pays off, helps you know that there is a point in all of it. Hard work is always rewarded.
  • It’s okay to be excited and look forward to certain events. Prom is advertised and broadcast-ed through all types of media. Whether it be cute ways that people are asked or stylish dresses and tuxes that are on sale. It is your senior prom and it is normal to feel anxious. Just let that excitement only go through that night and day. If you have work to do, do it before prom or after. Do not make it an excuse on why you didn’t do something. Grad Bash is even more anticipated because it is a night event that lasts until four or five a.m. This one is coming up and seniors are already getting antsy. Be excited but do not let the ideas of Spiderman and Harry Potter cloud your head and take away your focus. The key is to control your excitement and once the day comes, let loose and enjoy yourself. There are many events that you wait until senior year to do and you deserve to enjoy them.
  • Always, always plan ahead. You are told deadlines and times that things need to be completed but you need to keep up with them. Do homework when you are supposed to, no excuses. Apply for colleges and scholarships as often and soon as you can. Plan for the future so it won’t be so difficult and intimidating.

Education is crucial to our future because of how the world works. What you do in high school matters and you can enjoy the rest of your senior year but you also need to stay focused.

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