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When we were tiny children with little sense of logic, we had aspirations upon aspirations to get into the work force. To do something that we labeled as our dream. Some of us stuck with those dreams this entire time. Others lost sight of the passion that we harnessed as we grew older and realized that not everyone is meant to be an astronaut or a cowboy. Besides the fact that we grow up and some of our dreams are not attainable, some of us still have entirely tangible dream jobs, such as becoming a teacher or a nurse. So how do we go from taking our dreams into making them a reality?

The scenery you've been dreaming of may not be as what you previously thought of. (photo by Christian Rowlands)

The scenery you’ve been dreaming of may not be as what you previously thought of. (photo by Christian Rowlands)

Well, let’s be realistic about our dream jobs for a second. No matter how glorious and glamorous a job is, it’s still a job. Now that’s not to say that you can’t have fun or your motivation for working has to be drab – but it does mean that you will still have the stress of a job. As quoted from CBS News,

In dream jobs, coworkers are still whiny.

In dream jobs, deadlines still come up.

In dream jobs, great bosses still quit and new, jerky ones, are hired.

In dream jobs, pay can be lousy.

In dream jobs, what you thought you would love to do professionally, can destroy your original love towards an activity.

It’s a sad reality but this is why you can not go into a job with unrealistic expectations that are just going to leave you tired, whiny, and disappointed. So save your loved ones the time of hearing you complain about your dream job that turned out to be a nightmare job and realize that life is not all that it seems.

The problem is, we don’t think logically when we think about our dream jobs. We think dream jobs, and we think with our dream-filled hearts about how that job will go. That we will never quarrel with our bosses and that we will never want to give up because we are so graciously blessed with the giftings required to complete 10,000,000 times above average for that job.

So, yes. It is never too late to pursue your dream jobs. In fact, here at distancelearning, we encourage it – because chances are, your dream job is something that you have an exuberant amount of passion for – and most likely is something that you do well (because who, other than the Type A striving personality wants to do something every single day that they find almost too much of a challenge?) As long as you keep a logical mindset on your dream job, you can achieve all aspects of the job; from getting into the workforce to maintaining a sense of love and joy that you have never found in a job before.

They say that when you love what you do, work transitions from work to almost a sense of play. It becomes something fun – something that we don’t begrudgingly get up to do. And that, that is what a dream job is.

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