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People may think others are crazy for their innate abilities to “foresee” certain events through dreams. However, it seems that the heart often overcomes the mind. We, as people, are emotional beings – it is no shock here! In the Christian culture, this prospect or “gifting” is called prophesy. I have heard millions of stories of those having dreams, including ones pertaining to money and injury and sickness. People have even claimed to have had day-dreams, or having a vision of certain activities, including seeing a person being wrecked spiritually, among other things. Regardless of whether or not you believe dreams open a way into the respective mind, or unconscious, they are there and should be studied as if they are of high importance.

Understanding your dreams is a way to understand spirituality, yourself, among other things – depending on how you interpret said subjects. If you allow them to be interpreted at all. Although it is fundamentally not understood why we dream, we do. There must be a reason – though unknown.

According to Freud, dreams show unresolved wishes. (photo by B_Lumenkraft)

According to Freud, dreams show unresolved wishes. (photo by B_Lumenkraft)

Here is an encyclopedia of dreams and their respective interpretations. For example, a common dream of teeth falling out can be interpreted as a suppressed anxiety. A common way to interpret your dreams is to look up online, “dream interpretations.” One of the most well-known hits on google for the search is dreammoods.com. Dreammoods.com features a dream dictionary, including general dream discussion, nightmares and night terrors, as well as cheating and sex dreams. Now, if you are open to interpretation, remember, that people can make the information pertinent to you. This is true of many topics, such as dream interpretation and horoscopes alike.

The start of dream theory occurred by the thought of a single man, often regarded as the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Freud believed that dreams were pathways into the soul – repressed and unexpressed desires. Though we now have a lot of understanding as to why Freud thought the way he did, he is one of the most renowned psychologists of the day. For example, his father essentially married and remarried several women, and they grew younger in age. Another example, Freud was experimenting with cocaine long before the people of his time knew of its effects.

Regardless, Freud is famous though modern psychologists do not agree with his untest-able theses. Perhaps that is just why he is so popular!

Just as in any subject, keep an open mind. For now, no one is sure of why we dream, what they mean in certainty, or what they do for us. If that is the case, you can not treat it with a closed mind. Nonetheless, if anything you can find out something cool. For example, the reasoning as to why dream interpreters believe a dream about teeth falling out corresponds to a repressed anxiety.

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