Dreams of the Average College Student

It’s true when they say that it is hard to see past Friday night. With life as unpredictable as the roll of a dice, it’s hard to envision any dream coming true. Sometimes, it’s even hard to imagine dreams at all. We may not have everything down, we may not be ready to settle down, but we are ready to dream, and dream, and dream, and take steps towards execution.

#1. Get a good paying part-time job, that actually gives you hours.

Honestly, to execute this one, you may want to go through a hiring agency. Most of the jobs I have seen and have been offered by hiring agencies range between 12-15$ for entry-level positions. Some are part time, some are full time – but regardless of whatever it is, it’s going to get you money more than flipping patties will.

#2. Party hard without consequence of that horrible morning-after hangover.

Sorry, this one may actually not be attainable. Depending on your definitions of party hard. Of course, those countless weekends are not going to do anything for your future positively – and here at Distance Learning, we understand the implications of drinking while underage, and perhaps even drinking while driving. Either way, nothing of true good substance happens when you drink too much or party too hard. It’s probably a good thing there are some repercussions to this dream.

The essential campus question: R U SWAGGIN? (photo by theambitiousdiaries)

The essential campus question: R U SWAGGIN? (photo by theambitiousdiaries)

#3. Get out with as little debt as possible.

Unfortunately, the costs of college tuition continue to rise and our budgets continue to remain stagnant. It’s so sad to think that these students have between twenty to even one hundred thousand dollars to pay back after they’re done with school. That weight is seemingly unbearable, nearly crushing. There’s even a conspiracy theory on the matter – saying that, in essence, the way the government suppresses us is through the college system – saying that we will have to work our entire lives in an almost bourgeoisie v. proletariat manner.

#4. Enjoy the remainder of your years as a young adult, in college.

Even though college has a lot of new circumstances that students may not have necessarily been exposed to, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily “The Real World.” Chances are, you have the support of parents if not friends, and if not friends, then I would suggest you get some better friends. Regardless – when our responsibilities are mainly getting good grades and staying away from the lines of academic probation, it’s stressful – but considerably easier than having a real job.

Of course this is from somewhat of an academic perspective. I don’t believe that one second that every college student dreams of getting drunk every night. I don’t believe that every college student cares to get a good job – I know some people’s parents tell them to abstain from it, so they can focus on their grades! Some of us have it considerably easier than others, but either roads are difficult ones. And with that, I leave you to think about college and all of it’s glories and fallacies and whatever else you can conjure up in your mind.

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