Drexel University College of Medicine Distance Learning

Drexel University College of Medicine is the subsidiary medical school of Drexel University and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The medical college is large with over 1,000 students enrolled, but also sports the equally numerous, qualified staff to accompany this. Drexel’s College of Medicine is a leading researcher and practitioner in HIV/AIDs primary care and spinal cord research. Faculty come from all different professions to teach medicine at the college, like Pain Management, Sports Medicine, and Toxicology. Following these advantages is the large network of employment opportunities, as employers have tuned into these graduate programs and are eager to employ Drexel medical students.

One of the online programs offered at Drexel’s College of Medicine is the Online Master of Laboratory Animal Science. This program is a graduate program aimed at students with existing credentials in the field of Laboratory Animal Science who want to further their studies and achieve a master’s degree. This degree is offered 100% online and is available to qualifying students.

In addition, an Online Clinical Skills program is offered with the objective of enhancing communication skills, medical history recording, physical examinations, clinical decision-making, and management of patients. This program is aimed at physicians who want to return to medicine after a period of inactivity or who want to change their medical specialty and need an update in these primary skills. This can also be applied for international students that want to gain qualifications to join graduate medical education programs in the United States.

All courses and programs offered at the medical college receive identical attention from the college’s various instructors as students on campus do. The programs follow a rather accelerated courses and are thusly a great resource for students that want a fast-track education without the tedious, expensive embellishments of physical attendance.

Since these programs are graduate level programs, graduate tuition rates apply only. Drexel University full-time students pay $30,365 per year and $875 per credit hour part-time. As Drexel University College of Medicine is a subsidiary institution of Drexel University, thereby students receive financial aid as Drexel University students.

98% of Drexel University students are receiving financial aid in some form. 97% students are receiving aid through the university itself either through scholarships offered on a merit-basis or external collaborations with neighboring institutions. Federal, state, and local grants supply approximately 1 out of 6 students with financial aid.

Drexel University College of Medicine is one of the most prestigious medical schools, one of the largest graduate medical schools, and one of the fastest growing medical schools. The resources offered to students at the college of medicine are designed to give students an education that is in-depth, career-specific, and highly qualified. This equips students with the skills and experience necessary to pursue medical professions. For distance learners that would like to attend online, there is a degree program available that is one of many to come in the future.

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