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Duke University stands as one of the top universities in the nation, offering a reputation for academics and growth that is routinely awarded top honors in the nation. Established in 1838 as Brown Schoolhouse (a private subscription school), a hefty endowment from the Duke family in 1924 permanently changed the name of the school and started a period of fantastic expansion for the school. Today, Duke houses 11 schools under their roof, offering not just undergrad degrees, but with an equal focus on graduate programs and pure research. As a result, its 13,000 students are pretty evenly divided between under and post grad, with online courses offered for all students and degrees/certificates available in several graduate areas.

Located on 8,610 acres in Durham, North Carolina, Duke houses one of the largest campuses in the country, growing exponentially throughout its long history to house one of the meccas of academics, athletics, and pure research among our nation’s universities. Students are offered a variety of majors (70+ undergrad majors between its liberal arts and engineering schools, another 60 or so Master’s/PhD offerings) and are encouraged and aided by the access to so many different schools on one campus (a virtual academic city, both in size and available resources). With a low student teacher ratio extending to all, Duke’s mission to “provide real leadership in the educational world” is one that is learned through example. Students from all backgrounds attend Duke, looking to benefit from the academic commitment, the top athletic programs, the research facilities available, and the chance to further their education outside of the campus.

Distance Learners are given several post graduate degree and certification programs to aid those looking to continue their education while participating in their chosen careers. To begin, there is the basic online for continuing education, offering classes that help “improve your skills and knowledge, and stay competitive”, mostly on the business side of things, but also extending to nursing and education programs as well. Designed to be completed at your own pace online, these programs in everything from Finance to Business Writing helps keep abreast of the ever changing working world.

For those seeking degrees online, Duke has several nationally recognized (and awarded) distance learning choices, including two fantastic MBA programs. With their Cross-Continental and Global Executive MBAs, Duke offers fully accredited Master’s programs in 16 months, utilizing both online and residency experience to earn you that extra push on your resume. Though not conducted on campus, these programs do take the student out of their area and place them around the country and the world to augment information and class work provided in online formats. Students initially go to their residency spot, with a flexibility that most employers utilize and embrace, then spend the last portion of their education doing only online work in readiness for their education advancement to post-graduate degree. It is a fantastic opportunity to travel and work abroad, bringing that highly valued hands on work to the online experience.

Another heavy source of online work is their Nursing programs, with several options for Master’s students looking to achieve secondary degrees or certifications. Though it is essential that there is some campus interaction (the facilities are so massive, it’s a shame not to utilize some of the best tools in the nation, regardless of major study), these amount to one or two visits, with the bulk of the work partially or even completely delivered online. With eight different programs to extend learning through, Duke has what is necessary to stay abreast and competitive without sacrificing money or time spent on the job.

Duke is a juggernaut of education, respected for both its research and academics, and has maintained their mission of delivering information to all seeking, looking to better the world by making their resources available to as many as possible. Through its many distance learning and online opportunities, Duke ensures that intellectual curiosity is never left unsatisfied.

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