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Overlooking downtown Pittsburg, Pa, Duquesne University is a private Catholic University of around 10,000 undergrad and graduate students looking for a strong liberal arts education married to a religious foundation. Teaching just 40 students with 6 faculty when it began in a room above a local bakery in 1878, it has since moved and expanded, now taking up 49 acres overall several campuses, as well as satellite locations in the region for continuing education and online course meetings. With almost 200 areas of study over different school and degrees from the baccalaureate level up to the doctoral, Duquesne maintains a strong Catholic-Spiritan tradition by emphasizing a core of liberal arts education and ethical development.

One of Duquesne’s points of pride is their self-sustainability, something it embodies across all definitions. Not only does it maintain the “integrity of creation” with a thoroughly green campus and campus contained energy (it houses its own natural gas turbine and has won awards for its “responsible stewardship of [God’s] natural resources”), but this idea extends to the students as well, offering several online options, both for undergrads and distance learners looking to receive education off campus. This helps ensure the Duquesne University can meet your schooling and time needs, regardless of your area of interest or home in the world.

Utilizing a wealth of instructors (faculty numbers in the 900s for full and part time, with a 14:1 student teacher ration) in conjunction with partnerships within the region and around the world, Duquesne has molded an online program that needs little to no on campus work. Regional/online courses maintain the same quality to education and rigorous academics as their traditional equivalents, with regular deadlines and coursework leading to a degree that is identical to one received in class.

Online programs are designed to “incorporate state of the art learning technologies” to deliver instruction, assignments, and lectures. Working of a “set curriculum”, students are responsible for finding their own times to complete online work and read required materials. Duquesne offers several Master’s degrees completely online, from traditional Education to a Music Education Master’s, as well as several Master’s, post-graduate, and even a PhD in Nursing. Many of these programs are completed completely online, but often-times, especially in the nursing school, visits to the campus to demonstrate competency are required before graduation.

Duquesne even offers an accelerated Bachelor’s program online, using a five-term, eight week format to deliver materials quickly online and set up guidelines that could result in a Professional Sciences degree in as little as two years (with transfer credits or an Associate degree to help). They offer a wealth of concentrations with the degree, all with the same faculty and quality education that has been awarded often over the years.

In addition, regional programs, meant to use online courses in conjunction with visits to satellite centers in the Pittsburgh areas, offer MBAs to busy execs looking for a leg up, using evenings or weekends so as not to muck up day to day schedules. Taking only two courses per semester (with electives chosen by class consensus) and allowing for credit due to professional experience, these once a week classes use online tools to deliver the bulk of information and can usually be completed in just over three years, sometimes less.

Using a mix of online and face to face teaching (used sparingly and tailored to fit a work schedule), Duquesne continues to offer a big education from a little green school, resulting in a “commitment to liberal and professional education” that can be received almost anywhere in the world.

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