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Though located in Buffalo, New York, D’Youville College was actually named for St Marguerite d’Youville, a Canadian woman who, in the 18th century, dedicated her life to serving God through “responding to societal needs and finding creative ways to serve the poor. Today, the college does that through education, looking to provide knowledge to a diverse student body of roughly 3,000 undergrads and graduates. Maintaining a Catholic backbone, D’Youville today offers more than that, offering a sound education for over a hundred years to those both in Buffalo, as well as across the border and beyond (D’Youville has a prominent Canadian student body, as it is just a short drive from the Peace Bridge crossing to Ontario and offers degrees accepted by our government to the north).

Believing that “excellent education contributes to the betterment of society”, present day D’Youville holds true to the dedication of their patron saint, maintaining a strong liberal arts core to all their majors to ensure a broad educational experience. Currently offering 27 baccalaureate programs, as well as several Master’s, PhD, and advance certification programs, D’Youville brings its century long commitment to education to all comers. Begun as women’s college (the first in Western New York), it was also the first to bring a four year nursing program to the area, one which has grown to offer post-graduate certifications and Master’s programs. Other popular areas of study are the education and business programs, both on the four year and post-graduate levels, and even has a doctoral program for chiropractors, the first in the nation and the only one “integrated within a multidisciplinary health professions and liberal arts school”.

D’Youville also holds to the “creative ways” part of their saint’s mission, with online classes, evening and weekend courses for adult learners, and even dual major programs, meant to earn both your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in several five year programs. For the distance learners, the Department of Academic Computing (which encompasses and coordinates both Labs&Meida as well as all distance learning programs) offers a virtual environment for courses through Moodle (their online course management system), though they currently have no completely online degrees. The goal of their distance learning program is to ensure that “academically sound” classes are delivered to wherever the student is. They maintain hybrid courses in all online areas, making sure students know that attendance in class is still mandatory, but the goal here is to ensure resources and assignments are available to those who can’t just come to campus anytime they have questions or need to study. Through the combination of virtual and on campus work, D’Youville strives to give each student the tools they need to advance in their academics without sacrificing time needed in for their day-to-day lives.

D’Youville’s ascendancy to full University status is already in the works, just another growth spurt for a college that has been providing for “lifelong learners… seeking excellence in their personal and professional endeavors” since their creation in 1908

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