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Have you heard about the CLEP? It’s the College Level Examination Program. If you’ve done any research on line for your degree (and I certainly hope you have) you will have seen programs offering college credit for life experience. Sometimes that seems too good to be true – well the CLEP is the official examination for earning college credit for life experience, nothing fishy about it.

Home school students and adults returning to school can benefit with college credit from the CLEP exam, photo by jeff pioquinto, sj

Home school students and adults returning to school can benefit with college credit from the CLEP exam, photo by jeff pioquinto, sj

There are almost three thousand universities nation wide that accept CLEP credits. That means if you take the CLEP, whatever score you receive, whatever credits you are qualified for, then there are almost three thousand reputable academic institutions that will accept those credits.

CLEP exams gauge the level of mastery of different fields of education, testing over material that would be learned in college classes. You may have gained this knowledge through work experience, military service, or through general education classes. This knowledge might have come from your own personal studies over the years, just because you like to read a lot. It doesn’t matter how you learned these things, but if you have actually learned them, the CLEP will give you college credit for your knowledge.

There are five general subject CLEP exams, and over thirty specific-subject exams. The general exams cover material typically covered by college classes in the first two years of a program. Humanities, college mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, and English are the five general exams, and are given as multiple choice tests with a strict time limit.

The specific subject exams go much deeper than the general, and require you to display significant knowledge of that subject. Foreign languages, composition, psychology, American government, macroeconomics, microeconomics, algebra, calculus, marketing, business, and history are a few of the topics available. These are also timed tests, done in multiple choice fashion.

The CLEP is open to anyone who wants to take it – high school students, college students, military, or adults returning to school. Students who have home schooled, or international students who have knowledge without credit from accredited institutions will definitely benefit from the CLEP.

There are over twenty nine hundred different official testing locations across the nation. To find out how to get started, and to find out more pricing details and  information about specific tests, click here to find out the closest testing facility to you.

There are several different test prep options for those of you who want to pursue the college credits the CLEP could possibly offer you. The College Board, which is the organization that sponsors the CLEP, has its official study guide. This is the best way to prepare for the test, as it is made by the test makers. However, there are dozens of other books and web sites made by experts, that can also be a great help.

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