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Are you a writer? I don’t mean professionally (although that would be a plus), but are you an amateur writer? A great many people love the written word – blogs, essays, articles, poems, stories, novels, screenplays – and love to write in their spare time. Some of them no doubt have dreams of getting rich and or famous from their writing, but everyone else just does it because they love to write.

Your words can earn you money for college. photo by crdotx

Your words can earn you money for college. photo by crdotx

There is a way to turn that passion for writing into money. Not guaranteed, mind you, but what in life is guaranteed? But every year there are dozens, if not hundreds, of contests and competitions where your writing can earn you money for college.

The New York City Play Write Contest – Open to any and all students in the state of New York (That includes elementary through high school students), this is an annual contest with a cut off date of March 1st every year. Only original plays are considered, no adaptations or sequels to other peoples work, and standard play format should be followed. All entrants receive a written evaluation of their work, and a certificate of participation. For more rules and regulations, and the address to enter, check out the web site for the Young Playwrights.

The Matters of Life and Death Writing Scholarship – This one is based in California, and open to any students in the state (even home school students). It offers a one thousand dollar first prize, five hundred dollars for second, and two hundred fifty dollars for third place. The entrant needs to submit a one thousand word essay on the topic “Why do I need an advance directive when I turn 18?” The due date for the contest is May 15, 2013. There are a lot more details available at the official web site.

The New York Financial Writers Association – Open to students currently enrolled in college courses in journalism, this is an award to encourage people to enter the field of financial journalism. In 2012, the contest awarded three thousand dollar scholarships to ten different writers. All the applicant need do is write an essay explaining why they are interested in studying financial or business journalism, and send it in along with a collection of their other writings. For the long and the short of it, find more info at the official site.

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest – Based on the book of the same name written by President Kennedy, this contest encouraged high school students (from any state in our great nation) to write a non-fiction essay about how a politician displays bravery and conviction. These essays need to be accurately researched and well written, and the pay out is substantial: five thousand dollars in cash, and another five thousand in a college savings account. There are also multiple runner-up awards. This contest has been held every year since 1989.

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