Easiest Things About School

Lately, my posts have been focused on the more negative aspects of school and the education system here in the USA. Of course, as pessimistic as I may seem, this does not constitute my true feelings about school. Although I would very much like to change some things about school, such as the amount of sleep I am realistically allowed a night, school is very easy. Which is sad to say, considering so much tax payer money goes into it. Nonetheless, there are several easy things about high school that one should appreciate before it is gone.

The road may not be relaxing but it sure is easy. (photo by thejasp)

The road may not be relaxing but it sure is easy. (photo by thejasp)

#1. You Still Have Some Sort of Guidance

Although high school is a time for transition from shelter to responsibility for your own person, there is comfort in living at home. Realizing that the most of your expenses is to simply make good grades in school is astounding. We are in a period of time where we are growing, and our parents are allowing us to grow, but if we mess up, they are going to be there for us so we can learn. Much like a baby bird tries to fly from the nest, and its parent has to help it step-by-step – this is essentially high school.

#2. Pep Rallies are Commercials

I am almost certain I have talked about this before – either from a post on Cracked or through some friend who allowed me to open my eyes to the concept. Once you realize that essentially, people are trying to advertise to you, much like they would on a television screen or even in a magazine. Why I say this is the easiest thing about high school is because it simply prepares you to be more alert when marketers are going to try to market a product towards you. Now you have your own mind to think on whether or not you want to purchase it. Once you exclude the person trying to reach to you, life becomes a lot clearer.

#3. You Have Time

Again, with the minute amount of guidance that your parents or guardians give you, you have virtually little responsibility. The up-side to the little amounts of responsibility given to you is that you have time. You have time to think about your future, what you would like to do with your life, among other things. You have time to pick a major. You have time to grow. The easiest thing about high school, by far, has to be this one. Although it may not appear like life is for you and that the world is at your fingertips, it truly is. Your life doesn’t start until after high school. Until after you are on your own for the first time and you have to take full responsibility for all of your actions, both good and bad.

Thankfully, there are easier things about school. For example, the subject matter is ridiculously easy. At least, for some people. Regardless, this is a time to enjoy life. You are just starting to learn all about the world and its surroundings. Your eyes have yet to open up fully.

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