Economizing: For the College Student

Being broke sucks – and chances are, you are broke! After all, considering that you’re probably reading this as a college student, you may be with a part-time, entry level job – if you have a job at all! You know, regardless of your circumstance, that money is tight. So I’ve compiled these list of genius ways to economize – to get the most bang for your buck even when you only have a few to spare – but let’s not forget, we can economize through other means as well.

"I'll have a cup of water please." (photo by 246-You)

“I’ll have a cup of water please.” (photo by 246-You)

#1. Get a Cup of Water When You Go Out to Eat

It’s ridiculous how expensive it is to get sodas, teas, or alcohols when you go out to eat. It’s just not reasonable for us. Plus, while you’re at it, you can cut the extra calories that you would have had if you had gotten that large soda! Trust me, the free refills are just not that worth it.

#2. Dumpster Diving

I mean, this one seems gross but going to a real junkyard and getting things you need like spare tires just to keep in the trunk of your car – it’s a good way to do it! If you’re up for it, that is. In this article by, a woman said to keep her hobby of crafting artificial flowers, she would dumpster dive at cemeteries. That’s a little much for me, but hey, if it works for you!

#3. Extreme Couponing

If you have the time, and you’re tight on money for food – instead of dumpster diving behind grocery stores and restaurants for just-recently expired foods, you can try to get as much as you can for as cheap as you can! Some places don’t allow for extreme couponing anymore because it’s such a hazard to business, but if you manage to do it right and find a place that lets you – go for it!

#4. Thrift Shopping

If you’re not looking for anything in particular but want to go shopping for cheap, then thrift shopping is the way to go! The best thing about it? Most people are not going to be wearing the same thing you are, considering most thrift stores get their clothes from other locations around the nation.

#5. Find Free Events

When I hang out with my friends and we’re tight on cash, we always use Google search to see if anything is happening free in our city – or one that was not too far! Sometimes local bands will have free shows, sometimes local parks and drive-ins will have free movie nights, and the like! You never know, so check your city’s listings!

So these are just five major ways to still have fun, still be a kid, but manage your money better than before. If none of these seem manageable to you, you should reconsider how you spend your money otherwise.


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