ECPI College of Technology Online Distance Learning

The ECPI College of Technology Online offers great programs for distance learning students seeking to earn a degree as conveniently and quickly as possible. Working professionals who desire career advancement or seek to pursue a new career will find the programs at ECPI to be both flexible and affordable. They also offer employee placement assistance which can be an invaluable tool in a challenging job market.

For more than 40 years, ECPI has been a leader in providing a sound education in the Business, Technology, and Health Sciences fields. Community College Week has ranked ECPI as one of the top 3 schools when it comes to the number of graduates in the Associate Degree of Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services. They also named them as one of the top 10 schools in number of students graduating with an Associate Degree in Engineering-Related Technology.

There are many advantages to being a distance learning student at ECPI College of Technology Online. Small class sizes guarantee the individual attention and support virtual students need to thrive. The faculty are available during regular business hours to assist their students. Flexible scheduling makes earning a degree, diploma, or certificate even easier.

Distance learning students will benefit from two-way communication. Virtual classroom settings and features like live chat promote a feeling of inclusion in each class. Innovative technology like industry-standard simulation software and web portals give each student hands-on experience that will increase their value in the job market. They also offer 24/7 technical support and can resolve computer issues quickly and efficiently. There is also an extensive web library resource available for use any time.

ECPI offers an Associate Degree or Diploma in Network Security online for distance learning students. They also offer an Electronics Engineering program. These two programs prepare graduates for an exciting career in the growing field of Cyber Security, Networking, and Electronics Technician.

There are also eight Bachelor Degree distance learning programs available. These are in the fields of Healthcare IT, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Electronics Engineering, IT Management, Network Security, Business Administration, and Food Service Management. The curriculum for these degree programs is comprehensive and current. Aside from broadening their skill base, students will be taught how to apply the skills in a practical setting.

Financial aid is available for each distance learning course for those who qualify. Some forms of financial aid include federal loans and grants, military tuition, employee-reimbursement programs, and benefits for veterans. ECPI College of Technology Online also has scholarship programs for certain qualifying individuals. Eligible students can also receive tax credits on their returns.

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