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The internet is a wonderful place of awe and mystery. However, that “mystery” is very much so attainable and can, in fact, be out in the open if you know your way around a computer! Teaching yourself is a wonderful hobby because you will most likely be self-driven as no one is forcing you to learn the material but yourself. I, for example, taught myself how to play the piano, skills in graphic design, as well as learn the Korean language.

Below are a list of free programs and websites that can help you learn various subjects:


Looplabs is an online website that has programs that will aid in mixing music and creating your own. Not only does it not take up space on your computer, as it links to just websites, but they are accessible to anyone because they are free. My favorite program that they offer is Music Lab, however, they also have a Dubstep studio, an Electro House Blender, and many others!


Myspendingplan is a free program, accessible online, to help you learn to budget your finances! It offers security, so you don’t have to worry that someone will be able to see your budget! They offer many different services, including a coupon listing to help you save money. If you are worried that it is not a good program, take heed: it has received great feedback and recommendation by the Wallstreet Journal.


In pop culture, lucid dreaming is growing to be a interesting topic. For those who do not know what lucid dreaming is, it is, as quoted by, “…a dream in which you know you are dreaming.” This website offers free lessons into the world of lucid dreaming, if one would desire to learn to control their dreams.


An artistic interpretation of a lucid dream – a dream in which you have control. (photo by Stefanie Neves)


This website, by far, is my favorite website to learn from. There are just so many e-books of information than I know what to do with! From an airplane flying handbook, to emergency childbirth e-book, this site will literally have you hooked. If you’re a stickler for knowledge, this site is one you will want to bookmark. Although you may not ever have to use the information given, knowledge for the sake of knowledge is alright!

#5. Evil by Design

As located on, Evil by Design is a book that explores how design can initiate human reaction psychologically and thus act. If you have time, I would recommend reading this book. It is quite scary how influenced humans may be.

#6. iPhone/iPad Development

Also located on, this page offers lots of help on creating, designing, and developing apps on the iPhone or iPad. It is one of the more popular pages that they have, as they are getting a majority of hits on this link. Programming and developing apps can be a quick way to make a lot of money if you are successful in your endeavors and ideas. It is worth a look at if you are trying to educate yourself on such matters!

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