Education Can Not Be Standardized

Upon asking a teacher of mine what their least favorite thing about the education system is, she replied that the people who make the rules about running the classroom often have no idea what running the classroom is like, outside of being a student – which very well may have been several years ago. Those who are higher up in the education world tend to believe that the classroom can function as an assembly line. Teachers, who may struggle to stay true to their lesson plans daily, understand that sometimes the lesson plan has to change, that sometimes the students are not as receptive as you need them to be, and that sometimes, out of the ordinary things happen. From natural disasters to tragic mass shootings, to the average student deciding to pull the fire alarm, schedules can not necessarily stay within their confines.

To some students, standardized testing is not a strong suit. (photo by albertogp123)

To some students, standardized testing is not a strong suit. (photo by albertogp123)

The article, Education is Not an Assembly Line, gives a valid point that when presidents started to implement No Child Left Behind into the education scene, they essentially thought of children as standardized. The problem being that children aren’t predictable, classrooms aren’t predictable, and ultimately, you can’t make your education like an assembly line; no student will be offered the same educational experience. The article then goes on to say that education truly starts at home; the influence of the parents or guardians will directly correlate to how the child will push away or soak up information. The level of income also affects the student. If you were to think of a peaceful, serene study scene, you would most likely be alone in a quiet atmosphere. However, some families with low levels of income are unable to offer these services to their children, as the walls are paper thin and the student can hear everything happening next door as well as the next room, making a task such as homework a tough obstacle to cross. suggests that although our academic system covets the idea of standardized testing, it simply does not work. It can not work. Standardized testing is not a good measure of your intelligence; rather, it is a measure of how well you test. The numbers you receive from these tests are mere numbers. As quoted by the article, “….African Americans and Hispanics, females, poor students and those with disabilities are disproportionately failing “high-stakes” standardized tests.”

The scores are deemed by parents, teachers, and students as meaningless wastes of time – to think, how much time there would be to learn actual information if standardized testing wasn’t used to make schools look good! However, with No Child Left Behind in effect, the law has to be taken as is.

For now, No Child Left Behind will leave students behind – as they are taking their standardized tests, they are being stifled by a lack of true education. The method of learning that standardized testing offers is one that is only categorized in short-term memory. As a student, I seldom remember what I have learned after the tests are taken. This method gives students a disadvantage.

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