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Although most jobs or careers will require training, either given by the company or given during your education, you have to get the job to even exhibit your skills. Writing them down on an application does not matter if, when push comes to shove, you can’t complete the tasks at hand. In this article, we will be discussing interview skills as well as places to look for job listings.

Knowing how to act on an interview is nothing without knowing how to apply it. (photo by bpsusf)

Knowing how to act on an interview is nothing without knowing how to apply it. (photo by bpsusf)

If you make it to the interview stage of a job application, the only thing you can try to do is impress the person who is interviewing you. Making them believe you are the best choice for the job is key. Chances are, they are not going to want to hire someone who is not confident in themselves, their abilities, including their ability to interview. There are simple mistakes that people make in regards to this, such as admitting their weakness by saying something along the lines of, “I’m a little nervous,” or “I’m not really good at interviews, so you’ll have to forgive me.” Believe it or not, I’ve heard several teenagers tell me that they have said something along the lines of those.

Doing research on the job provided, esp. what exactly they want is a great thing you should take advantage of if you’re serious about getting a job. Even if, say, you don’t do well on the interview, calling afterward and asking what you did wrong and what you could improve on is a great way to show you are serious and want to grow as a person.

For females, try not to wear too much jewelry or distracting make-up. Instead, put your hair up and out of your face, wear appropriate clothing, and have questions ready. Remember, a job, no matter if at a fast-food restaurant or an office is a professional setting. You want to emulate that you area professional and can act and look as such. Carrying a notepad and a pen is essential in case you need to take note of something they said. If you are very nervous and have difficulty remembering things in times of distress, a notepad and pen can save your life.

From your handshake to your presentation of self to your questions and answers, remember that the interviewers are essentially spending their time and money on you. They want you to succeed as much as they want to succeed themselves. They understand the pressure that is put on you – they, themselves, had to go on interviews to receive the jobs that they currently tend to.

Nonetheless, be prepared for anything. If you keep these things in mind as you apply and interview for positions, you will be quite fine.

Now, to find jobs, you will want to utilize some of the following links. If anything, walking from store to store, from business to business will do you good.

Some sites that put listings up around you are as follows:

My favorite of the three I have listed would have to be craigslist, because not only are jobs that are listed on snagajob listed on craigslist, but others were as well. In fact, how I started writing for’s blog was through craigslist.

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