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It is becoming so common for society to participate in social media sites that employers think that if prospective employees do not belong to one, there is something wrong with them! According to dailymail, employers see applicants as suspicious if they do not participate. Of course, this is due to both the ideas that they can not view your personal life to judge if you would be an adequate worker and that a lack of friends shows signs of dysfunction in daily life. Nonetheless, there are more advantages to social media than the prospective jobs you could have because of it; a college major is in expectancy to pop up at Newberry College in South Carolina: a Social Media Major.

With social media running rampant in society, is a major in social media worthy of implementing into colleges? (photo by birgerking)

With social media running rampant in society, is a major in social media worthy of implementing into colleges? (photo by birgerking)

There is a method to this madness – although some would fight the prospective major as useless and unnecessary for academic standing, others would refute that social media will be one of the most useful marketing tools of this generation. We can not argue that social networking, though infinitely expanding, each site growing in and out of style, is going to die out any time soon. Society is engulfed in the sea of social media.

The major is receiving many criticisms from society. For example, many are viewing the major as outdated; stating that by the end of the four years that they are in college, the implications will have changed and their degrees will be meaningless. To quote fitsnews, “In layman’s terms, classes will include Stalking 101, Benefits of Foursquare 211 and a thesis on hashtag placement.” You can see from the quote that people are not taking these courses very seriously at all. In another article, by Chris Moody, he lists and describes why, although social media majors could perhaps be a good idea, there are more reasons as to why it is a “really bad” choice.

One of the funniest criticisms I have seen yet, which I believe is worth depicting while I’m talking of the woes of social media majors, is that the LinkedIn (a social media website mainly used for resumes and professional use) of the developer of the Social Media major, has very few “links” on her own personal listing.

In researching the other side of the argument (people who believe that a Social Media major is a good investment into Newberry College), there was not much I could find on the positive aspects of the major. However, Tania Sosiak, the developer of Social Media major that I talked about in the paragraph above, has nothing but good words (to huffingtonpost) for the major. She states that it is not merely about social media, but other aspects of business such as graphic design, marketing, psychology, and statistics, to name a few.

With all being said, perhaps this Social Media major receives criticism because of it’s name. Perhaps it is not all bad, and perhaps it will be one of the best things to have been unleashed unto Generation Y. For now, all we can do is observe as they prepare to supply students with all that they need for their Social Media degrees.

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