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Many students and even some teachers can not differentiate the control from district, state, and national governments. It is important to know the differences among those three levels, so you can contact with the right level regarding your own concern. Especially, students should learn about how schools operate in the United States and participate in their own education operation actively. This post will help you to learn about school district.

This is a picture of a school board candidate debating in the campaign. (Photo by  UN1SON)

This is a picture of a school board candidate debating in the campaign. School board decides many aspects of public school education. It is important for people to pay attention to what the school board does and participate themselves.(Photo by UN1SON)

What Is A School District?

A school district runs the public schools and it is controlled by state and local governments. It includes public elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. For example, Hillsborough county school district is one of the largest school districts, ranking the eighth in the United States. In a school district, teachers report to the principle at their school, the principle report to the superintendent, then superintendent reports to the school board.

What Is A School Board?

School board is in charge of making education policy in an area. The school board holds meetings regularly to collect ideas from schools and make decisions on education. Check Hillsborough County School Board Website to learn more.

According to the government, here are school board’s roles:

  • Elected by voters to set goals
  • Conducts strategic planning
  • Hires and oversees the superintendent
  • Adopts the school district budget
  • Creates policy for schools in the district
  • Oversees the school district
  • Represents voters

(cited from

What Can A School District Decide?

A school district is in charge of deciding the following things:

  • Choice Of Curriculum Materials
  • Hiring And Firing
  • Manage district’s property and facilities ( including school safety. Check this link to learn more about school safety policy making)
  • Make Budget
  • Follow state and federal laws and more

How Can You Be Involved In School District?

You can make a difference by involving yourself in education system.

If you are a parent, you can call or write to school board to voice your opinions. You can also join the election to be on school board.

If you are a student, you may be selected to represent the student body if you work hard. And you may have the chance to attend the school district meeting to ask questions and give suggestions. It is also a great opportunity to meet students from other schools. Having such an honorable experience should be your goal if you are enthusiastic about certain education topics and ideas. If you do not have the opportunity to attend a school district meeting, you can find out who is representing your school’s student population and talk with that person about your ideas. It is good if you could do some research before addressing your questions o the district. Sometimes, people in the past may have already talk about the issues you are concerned with and the district did not solve those concerns because of many other elements. So understand district tries its best to make the school system better, but that does not mean your suggestion will be carried out.

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