Education Will Never Be The Same

As I stated in my post entitled, “Changes for the Upcoming School Year,” I talked about how education was slowly (but surely!) changing to accommodate the installation of programs such as Common Core. Well, about a week ago I stumbled across the article by Shelley Blake-Plock, who is an American writer, teacher, musician, and filmmaker – and found it interesting – his thoughts on the “21 things that will become obsolete in education by 2020.” From there, I’ve picked out the ones I can actually see happening!

I imagine bio scans as something like this. (photo by wikimedia commons)

I imagine bio scans as something like this. (photo by wikimedia commons)

#1. Technologically-driven schools

I don’t believe that there will ever be a time where our students will be expected to come to school with a smartphone or iPad, but I believe it will be provided. That instead of spending money on textbooks and computers, everyone will have their own personalized versions of what they need. After all, most textbooks are available online.

#2. 24/7 School

Shelly Blake-Plock is correct when she says that the 21st century is an “always” time. It is a go-go-go and don’t stop! Even our televisions train our eyes to have short attention spans, with different images popping up every couple of seconds! It’s all a part of the fast-paced society we live in. The same can be said for schools in the future. Homework will be a thing of the past, simply because we are going to be living in such a work-driven society that the line between schools and home will slowly dissipate.

#3. Ability to Personalize Learning Will Be Commonplace

Right now, teachers become great teachers as a result of their ability to meet the needs of most, if not all, of their kids. Why? Because we’re in an age that learning in different styles is relatively new. Soon, that newness will fade, and teachers will be expected to be able to do this as a part of their work. As for what will make teachers special in the future, that I am not sure of.

#4. Attendance Offices

This is a scary thought to me – that Blake-Plock suggests that bio scans will be done as a means to record if a student is present on campus. It’s like the stories you hear about Disney and other major theme parks releasing your fingerprints to the government, and what not. Just gives me the heebie-jeebies.

#5. Typical Cafeteria Food

As I stated in one of my last posts, school breakfast is about to change – and we all know school lunch is attempting to change itself slowly as well. With all of the information we’re bound to have at hand in the future, there is absolutely no way that lunches will remain the same in school.

#6. High School Algebra I

Blake-Plock says that Algebra I will be a thing of the past (or a thing of middle school) – once we realize that it has no weight as compared to statistics and information technology. I totally agree – although I adored algebra I when I took it in middle school, it will never help me like statistics did. Statistics information was vital.

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