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Here at distancelearning, our blog is one of the best ways we enjoy interacting with you, the reader! We seek to give you the knowledge you need to be successful in your educational endeavors. Well, we’re not the only blog to want that for you. Some educational blogs specialize in certain subjects, while distancelearning’s blog spans many topics and discussions that you may be interested in. Here are a list of the top educational blogs that you can utilize, learn from, and ultimately grow from.

Blogging is just another way for people to interact and share ideas. (photo by BTO - Buy Tourism Online)

Blogging is just another way for people to interact and share ideas. (photo by BTO – Buy Tourism Online)

1. Clive on Learning
Clive Shepherd’s blog on education with technology. His resolve is to merge the two together to make learning efficient and easier for everyone.

2. Eduwonk
For all things news worthy in education, here is a blog for you. Analysis and commentary are provided by Andrew Rotherham and guest speakers as designated.

3. Eia Online
Want the latest on teacher’s unions and public education? Eia Online is the way to go. Mike Antonucci is both an observer and critic of the educational system in place today. He is well-known and has even been esteemed by the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

4. Absolutely Intercultural
As much as this is a blog, it’s also a podcast. Intercultural matters is their expertise – they, being, Anne Fox and Dr. Laurent Borgmann. They discuss culture shocks, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and managing cultural diversity, to name a few.

5. Two Cents Worth
This blog, run by David Warlick, is where he offers his two cents about teaching and learning. His experiences, observations, and ideas are listed here for the world to see.

6. Wisblawg
The UW Law Library is run by a law librarian, who seeks to help and make searching for information easier for students at the University of Wisconsin. Okay, yes, the blog is specific, but it does contain information pertinent to any law student – not just ones attending the University of Wisconsin.

7. Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Run by Vicki Davis, a passionate teacher who believes that teaching is a noble career. She wishes to, “inspire, encourage, and inform” the professionals and adults – anyone who impacts a child’s life education-wise. Bam Radio Network has given her the esteemed “Influential Voices” award on the Bam 100.

8. Bionic Teaching
This blog specializes in media design. The vision is to keep education interesting for students because the environment they live in is interesting as well.

9. Honest College
The web’s leading college Wikipedia, Honest College seeks to help debunk and demystify college life through blogging. It even offers tools to starting your own blog.

10. Change Agency
Horace Mann sought to reform the education policy back in time. Now, Stephanie Sandifer runs a blog on education reformation. The blog consists mainly of her own opinion and does not reflect anyone else’s necessarily.

So, there you go. There are my top ten picks of educational blogs. They span many different categories and seek to change, to improve, or to just get opinions and ideas out there to the world. The most useful and the most informative are the ones I’ve chosen to present to you.


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