Educational Games for College Students

With the prospects of online learning growing more accepted in our technological society, it is no surprise that companies have started making free online games to interest students and help them learn. In elementary school, the schools would give us grades based on how well we did on educational-game websites to learn typing. Even high schools may utilize these tools. Recently, I was required to play Junior Achievement Finance Park to learn to finance myself through a simulation for a grade in my economics class.  This post will list various online games for college students to learn from.

An EVE online screenshot. (photo by Psycho Al)

One: Mensa Academy

Mensa means “table” in Latin. It is an organization of people with high intelligence quotients. Mensa Academy can be accessed through your computer, iPhone, and even your Nintendo Wii. This game offers pleasurable aesthetics while testing your accuracy through brain-training. Mensa Academy currently costs 29$ on the Wii in the US.

Two: McDonald’s Video Game

It’s always going to be a good thing for society to learn how to manage themselves and their bodies, as I stated in this post. The McDonald’s Video Game teaches one about how fast food is dangerous. Be sure to look out for biases though! It’s a bit ironic that a video game, which would require you to sit down at a computer, is teaching you about nutrition and wellness, however, it is a great medium to teach the public.

Three: Adventure Lab

When I was younger, I took a few engineering classes based on STEM. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This video game, Adventure Lab, offers students a closer look at STEM as they create their own video games based upon the subject matter.

Four: Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese is a simple game with a simple format, but the amount of knowledge you learn from it is extensive. It is efficient enough to teach you the Japanese alphabet and sticks to your memory with little to no distractions because of the simplicity.

Five: EVE Online

EVE helps with business administration skills as it allows you to simulate the position of a CEO. It’s purpose is to help strengthen your skills in business management for the real world.

Of course, these games are not the only ones available! One may wish to search for games within the subject matter of their college major or minor. Perhaps common sense games would be where one would wish to strengthen themselves. One may even wish to play these games for the fun of it! These are games you can play without feeling guilty: the knowledge you acquire from these games and simulations are plentiful.

With that being said, we can be grateful that we have the technology to learn in a fun, dynamic way. It is education that may be one’s main goal: education for the sake of education, education for success, or education for a new start. All have positive attributes.

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