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Ellis University was founded in 2008 with the intent of offering a quality education to fit students busy schedules. This Chicago, Illinois based school was given regional accreditation in 2008 and national accreditation in 2009. Ellis University is a distance learning school that prides itself on helping busy professionals earn college degrees in their spare time.

Ellis University distance learning offers graduate, undergraduate and certificates in a variety of programs. The variety of programs that they offer gives students options of how long to attend school. Graduate programs will be longer and can vary in length depending on the course load the student chooses to take. The distance learning semesters at Ellis University start every six weeks. Students have the option of taking a light course load or heavier course load for any of the six week terms. This adds to the flexibility options that students have.

The online course management program at Ellis University is very easy to use. Students are able to communicate with their instructors via email and online chatting forums. Coursework is laid out in an easy to follow and easy to understand way, in order to help the learning process go as smoothly as possible. One of the greatest benefits to distance learning is the flexibility that goes with it. Many students thrive under these conditions.

Ellis University is an online only school and they have many knowledgeable instructors. They are proud of all their instructors, whom all have fine credentials, many of which have years of experience working in the field they teach. All of their instructors hold a doctors degree or masters.

Ellis University also offers distance learning certificate programs. Certificate programs are shorter programs than graduate programs. They get right to the core classwork and learning skills that you need to develop an understanding of your chosen career path. Certificate programs are an increasingly popular choice among adults returning to school because of the short time to complete the program. Many employers are looking to hire students with a certificate rather than no education because they will be more skilled and more ready to begin the job.

Ellis University is also proud to offer opportunity grants for their distance learning programs. The opportunity grants that they offer are available to students that meet certain eligibility requirements. If eligible, a student could receive up to 50% of his or her tuition for free. Their website gives information and details on the eligibility requirements, and a phone number which to reach an enrollment advisor.

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