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Elmira College, also known as EC, was founded in 1855 and is the oldest college still existing that gave degrees to women equivalent to the degrees given to men in the early days of the Women’s Rights Movement.  The college became co-educational in 1969.  It remains true to its roots of exceptional liberal arts and science studies.  Students enrolling in Elmira can expect small class sizes with personalized attention from faculty, a unique academic calendar, real-world experience in their first year of study, and a study abroad program.  Extracurricular activities include athletics and student organizations as well as social camaraderie with peers.  Notable alumni include the famous poet and novelist, Ellen S. Tifft, and the co-founder of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., Wilhelmina Cole Holladay.

The school is located in Elmira, New York.  The city of Elmira, located in Chemung County, resides next to the Chemung River and is home to such points of interests as the Arnot Art Museum, the First Arena, and the National Soaring Museum on Harris Hill.  The National Soaring Museum pays tribute to the first pilots who established the sport of gliding in America.  Gliding is still an aeronautical activity that continues to this day.

Academics at Elmira College boast the best traits of a liberal arts and sciences education along with communication, international studies, and the humanities.  The school was honored with receiving the Phi Beta Kappa Charter.  Only 268 out of thousands of colleges in America also hold this recognition.  Students also benefit from a 12:1 faculty-student ratio, more than 35 majors to choose from as well as Individualized Studies which is a special program that is designed by the student with the help of their own faculty advisor.  Majors include Anthropology and Sociology, Clinical Laboratory Science, Environmental Studies, and Speech and Language Disabilities.  Minors include American Studies, Business Administration, English Literature, and Political Science.

While Elmira College currently does not offer a distance learning program, it does offer many advantages with regard to information technology as it applies to learning enrichment.  For example, the Nathenson Computer Center is an expansive yet comfortable establishment with wireless internet access as well as a fully-equipped Information Technology Help Desk.  The Center is located on the terrace level of the Gannett-Tripp Library.  Elmira College also offers a Computer Purchase Program which partners with Dell and Apple to offer laptops at a discounted rate for EC students.

Finally, if you’re interested in the life and works of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (also known as Mark Twain), then Elmira College is the place to be.  It is one of the leading research centers for Mark Twain experts in the world.  The Center for Mark Twain Studies gives out internationally-renowned awards to scholars.  The awards are known as the Quarry Farm Fellowships.  A prestigious lecture series known as “The Trouble Begins at Eight,” is also hosted by the Center.

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