Emotions and Education

We all have our off-days, our “rolled over on the wrong side of the bed” days, and our nothing can go wrong days. As most people allow, emotions are run by our surroundings: they are our natural response to what is happening around us. Some people are able to disengage from their environments and maintain a positive attitude towards the world and their education. In my Advanced Placement Psychology class, we discussed, as I stated in this post, that your emotions can change your answers on a personality test, if given twice in the same day. It is in this same way that your emotions can help or hinder your education.

Optimism allows for education to fester in our minds. (photo by jurvetson)

If you are one who is a pessimist and errs on the side of sorrows, you are more likely to be less successful in your workplace and education as well as life in entirety. This is for a variety of reasons, including: less productivity, less ambition, and less leadership skills. Obviously, these are three things that employers tend to seek out. For some, this is a natural disposition. Some may even hide their “pessimism” with the mask of logic and reason. Below are some tips if you find yourself erring on the pessimistic side of life and emotion.

Tip One: Believe in Yourself

As a disclaimer, I must say that this does not mean to be arrogant. Being humble about not understanding the solution to problems is a respectable quality and will bring you success just as knowing the answer would. If you enter a problem with a mindset of failure, chances are that you are going to fail. Give yourself more opportunity than that! Believing in your capabilities very well may give you the psyche you need to conquer what is in front of you.

Tip Two: Set Small Goals for Yourself

Chunking any given problem into smaller portions, putting small rewards in between each portion, then allowing yourself a big reward at the end of the problem can help to motivate you, which is something you may need if you are pessimistic. People with no goals tend to walk aimlessly. There must be something to excite you! For example, people who are trying to lose weight will, for every week of consistent exercising they do, get themselves something as a “treat,” such as a new lipstick or art supplies. It could be anything (except in this case, probably not an unhealthy food item.)

Now, if you are one who is optimistic and enjoys life, you will, in turn, be more productive, more ambitious, and have more leadership potential than your pessimistic counterparts. The optimists are the leaders, the winners, and the people who are more emotionally stable. They realize that though pessimism may creep in, it can not stay there for very long as they do not give up hope. As according to edudemic, positive people are also more likely creative.

Take into consideration that, again, we all have our off-days. This post is suggesting people with natural dispositions towards positivity or negativity are taking a toll upon or doing just peachy in regards to their lives in the workplace or education-wise.


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