Essential Apps for College Students

When I was growing up as a preteen to my early teens, my phone was my everything. It held everything I needed and I couldn’t get away from it – so I would text in class, at home, talk on the phone, and do everything I needed to do via phone. Then I got to high school and the church I attended sort of trained me, in a way, to not use my phone. To not rely on it. To turn it off during sermons because “…Your texts are still going to be there at the end of the night,” and “…Phones are nothing but distractions to you, both in school and in church.”

There are so many useful apps out there for college students! (photo by Sean MacEntee)

There are so many useful apps out there for college students! (photo by Sean MacEntee)

Although I do not rely on my phone now like I did as a young kid, I’m discovering that my love for my smartphone is growing as technology does. From my bank information to My Fitness Pal, my phone is growing more and more precious as it holds information I find near and dear.

In any case, it has become even more precious because of my transition into college. These are some of the most essential apps for college students that I have found so far – and there will be more to come!

#1. Clear

Clear is one of the apps here that you’ll have to pay for. But it’s not that bad – $3.99 for the app, which is basically a way to keep track of your to-do lists and sync them all to one place. It financially makes sense, for me anyway, because when I hand write my to-do lists, I lose them, and I have to go through several notebooks. It’s a waste of money that way.

#2. Snap2PDF

This is probably one of the most useful apps I have ever heard of, regardless of if you are a college student or not. Granted, if you are a college student, you’ll probably have more use for it – but still! Basically, this app allows you to take a picture of text, and it will convert it to PDF file for easy reading. It converts to searchable PDF files too – in case you don’t know what the PDF is actually called or where to locate it.

#3. My Fitness Pal

I actually mentioned this one above, and I’m glad I did. This is an app that will withstand all age groups, and all cycles of life. Why? Because it’s fitness. It’s about managing yourself, both nutrition-wise and exercise-wise. Those things never stop for anyone.


Mint’s app is for personal finance and budgeting. When college life starts to swallow your bank account whole – it’ll be nice to know where everything is going. That’s what Mint allows for.

#5. Chegg

Chegg is my favorite go-to place for textbooks. I’ve mentioned it in another article before – and with due reason! Free shipping, cheap prices, and easy to find books. This app is worth it, if any.

So there you have it! Those are my top five essential apps for college students. I hope it serves you well!

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