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Everest University Online has over 100 campuses nation wide. They credit much of their distance learning students success to the large community of students and staff that work together to get the most out of their educational experience. With so many campuses across the country, many students have access to the facilities and help they need if they need it.

Everest University Online is proud be be an accredited university. They believe that their accreditation is an honor to their facilities and equipment. They are most proud of their staff, whom all have the education and experience to allow Everest University Online to have this honor.

The online support staff at Everest University Online distance learning is available 24/7 to assist their students. The classes do not require mandatory chat sessions, so students are free to learn when is most convenient for them. They also will help students transfer credits, if you choose to continue education elsewhere, or bring credits into Everest’s programs.

At Everest University Online, they offer Associates, Bachelors, and Masters programs for distance learning. They offer Associates degrees in accounting, applied management, business, computer information science, criminal investigations, criminal justice, homeland security, medical insurance billing and coding, and paralegal. They offer Bachelors degrees in, accounting, applied management, business, computer information science, criminal justice, homeland security, and paralegal. They also offer a Masters degree in criminal justice and business administration.

Focused lessons are what Everest University Online’s distance learning programs are all about. All of their instructors are well educated with years of work experience to give students the most from their learning experience. Their classes and programs get right to the important lessons that you need to learn, to get you your education as quickly as possible.

Everest University Online has a simple admissions process for their distance learning students. They believe that the admissions process should be simple to allow as many students as possible the opportunity to earn a quality education with them. They do not require essays, letters of recommendation, or lengthy essays to begin your enrollment process. In fact, a simple phone call for an interview with an advisor begins your enrollment process.

From there, they have you complete an admissions for online. They are there to answer any questions you have. At this point, you can also use their website to search for financial aide that may be available for you. After these steps, they have an application packet for you to complete.

Everest University Online is one of the leaders in distance learning. Their simple enrollment process and top notch facilities make them a great choice for anyone hoping to earn a degree online.

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