Everglades University Distance Learning

Everglades University offers eight different graduate and undergraduate distance learning degree programs online. Their qualified faculty designed each course to be interesting and informative as well as easy to access. Students never have to feel isolated thanks to their innovative virtual classrooms. The degree earned online from Everglades University is no different than a degree earned in a traditional classroom setting. Students can feel confident in their choice to enroll to Everglades University.

Technology like email, live chat, message boards, and blogs are utilized for group discussions as well as one-on-one interaction with faculty. The community of distance learning students is inclusive and individuals have an opportunity to be a part of a nation-wide network that can offer advice and perhaps even employment opportunities. Students will have access to their assignments and schedule around the clock which makes continuing education even more convenient.

Some health care professionals will enjoy the unique Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine distance learning degree program. Topics covered include Herbology, Botany, Nutrition, Aging, Chinese Medicines, Antioxidants, and Homeopathy. This course not only widens a person’s knowledge base and can give graduates the cutting edge advantage they need in the competitive job market.

Other interesting distance learning bachelor’s degrees include a B.S. in Construction Management, B.S. in Business Administration, B.S. in Applied Management, B.S. in Aviation Technology, and a B.S. in Aviation Management. Everglades University also offers a Master’s Degree in Aviation Science. This is a rigorous course intended for flight personnel such as crew members, dispatchers, air traffic controllers, maintenance technicians, and airport/airline management who want to advance their career and broaden their knowledge base in the aviation field. Some topics that are covered are advanced crew management procedures, safety of aerospace systems, aerospace logistics, and aerospace communications systems.

Everglades University also offers a Master’s of Business Administration distance learning degree program entirely online. This is the ideal program for business professionals to increase their marketability. It is a comprehensive program that will give managers the tools they need to sharpen their analytical, managerial, communication, and marketing skills. The program also focuses on the new and relevant techniques that shape today’s business world.

Each distance learning student will be assigned an Academic Advisor that they are encouraged to discuss their educational path with each semester. The Advisor will discuss GPA, courses, credit hours, and other academic issues with the student. Each new student will also undergo an evaluation to ensure proper placement in the appropriate degree program.

For students needing assistance in funding their distance learning experience, the Financial Services Department can help. They offer advice and resources in finding the right financial aid. They provide information on several scholarships that students may be eligible for. Some of those scholarships include Coca Cola Scholarships, Marine Corps Scholarships, Fannie May Foundation Scholarships, and Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarships. Financial aid may also be available for students who qualify.

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  1. Michael Arvey says:

    Do you have a need for an online instructor in creative writing? If so, how could I apply? Thank you.

  2. Edu Blogger says:

    Online education in general is taking off because of the connectivity provided by technology, from iTunes U to traditional institutions signing online. Great article.

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