Every Adventure is a New Lesson

We learn as we grow up that there is way more land and life beyond our neighborhood. There is a whole world to explore. There is so much land and water that are there to discover and know. There are places in our mind that we may want to visit and day dream about getting to see certain areas with friends and family. There is more to traveling than airports and plane tickets. There are many learning experiences when it comes to traveling.

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Traveling opens up the history book we have been reading to a whole new level.(photo credit krazykrayons)

There is more knowledge revealed in traveling than we may realize. It widens our perspective and teaches us new ideas and ways of life.

  • Learning Culture: Every time you go into a new area whether it is a new city, state, or country, you are going into a new mini world. The people there may speak in a different manner. They may use different words or have different meanings. They may dress differently and you may find fascinating traditions of fashion. You may witness something religious that they do and be opened to a new religion. When you are opened to a new way of life, it gives you ideas about your own. You may appreciate yours more when you see other people being less fortunate. You may learn new ideas that you yourself may want to start using in your life because you like it so much. 
  • Learning Morals: Different people and different mind sets and create different ideas of morality. The morals in the United States differ with morals in India. It is good to get to hear someone else’s point of view and process it. No one is perfectly right and we all have some right ideas. Getting to combine morals and ideas make us more accepting people. It is beneficial to attempt to understand all kinds of people.
  • Learning Life Lessons: Whether it is learning how to make a reservation or learning how to interact with people of a different culture, life lessons occur in trips. A person there may effect your life and show you a different perspective. We are so caught up in our daily lives that we do not always look at the big picture. There is more than us in the world. Our single life is not of the uttermost importance. Our lives working together to effect the world is important. When we get away to a new area, we forget the silly troubles of home and realize what life is really about.

We are all lucky with the things we have in life. We tend to forget that sometimes but when we are traveling home, we are so excited and relieved. A new world around you also gives you the urge to learn and explore. There is so much history in these areas. There are people who struggled and conquered like the people in the land we live in did. Traveling is a visual version of a history book. History is the knowledge of the people who have lived and live on this world.

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