Everything You Need to Know About Picking an On Line School (part 2)

So now you have your information together, and you know what you want to study (oh, you don’t? Then please visit Part One) so the next step is finding the right school for you.

Online college can save you a lot of money. (Photo by remark1983)

Online college can save you a lot of money. (Photo by remark1983)

What to Look for in a School – There are several different very important elements to this step. And while picking a school is a very weighty choice, don’t over stress about it. If you end up not liking the school you choose, you pick another school and transfer your credits. So there’s no problem that can’t be fixed. That said, let’s look at the key factors to consider when picking a school.

Accreditation: Is the school accredited by a legitimate organization? This one of the first things to confirm about any school. If it’s not properly accredited, your credits wont transfer to other schools, and your degree will be virtually worthless.

Programs: How extensive is their program that you are interested in? Is it two year, four year, does it go all the way up to Masters or PhD if you want to go that far? What kind of choice will you have in the classes you take? These programs should provide detailed course lists of the classes you will need to take, and when. Also, is the program done in full semesters, or eight-week semesters?

Cost: Many school websites will not put the actual cost of their credits or classes on the website, and you will need to call or send an email to get an answer. But some websites are transparent and list exactly how much every class costs. Also, look closely to see if there are any hidden fees involved, and how much the graduation fee is.

Resources: When researching a school, find out what your tuition buys you. How involved are the professors with their students? Will you get a personal guidance counselor to work with you, or do you have to use the main student office? Does the school have an on line library or electronic campus? A good school should work for you, and work with you.

When Can You Start?: How long will it take to get enrolled and get you in the system? When does the next semester start, and will you enrolled in time to take it? And also important, will the school set up your classes for the first semester, or will you have to go through the school’s website on enrollment day to try and get the classes you need? These are all important questions you should ask.

Okay, so now you have found a school, done the proper research, and decided to enroll. Hopefully it’s an easy process, and if it isn’t then maybe this isn’t the right school for you. In any event, now it’s time to move on to the next phase – starting classes.

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