Exam Is Coming! How To Review?

For many students, it is not the best time of the school year the week before the exam, because they are worried that they would fail the exam. That common worry is actually easy to solve by reviewing and preparing for the exam. Here are some tips on how to review for the Semester or Final Exam:

Exam would not be as scary if you plan ahead of time and be prepared for it. (Photo by Crazy Cricket)

Exam would not be as scary if you plan ahead of time and be prepared for it. (Photo by Crazy Cricket)

Tip One: Plan Ahead Of Time

You should know when you would take the semester and final exams at the beginning of the year. The exam estimated days should be on your school’s academic calendar or on your county public school website. Knowing the estimated date of the exam, you should have a plan in order to be ready when the exam comes. Doing well every day in school is essential and take each lesson seriously, so you would not find it too difficult to review later. Plan to review on a one or two-week time period before the exam. If you review all the time except before the exam, you probably would find yourself end up forgetting everything. Check this post about Plan Hard, Fight Easy.

Tip Two: Keep Focus When Reviewing

Students may think reviewing is hard, not because of the knowledge is hard, but because there are too many distractions around them. Keeping focus is really important to review effectively and efficiently. If you need some tips on how to keep focus, check this post.

Tip Three: Reviewing Online

There are all kinds of tools that could help you review, including tools online. Look for websites that help you with a certain subject, or search for review games to have fun while studying. Here are two websites that are recommended for reviewing:

  • hippocampus.org : provides videos, lessons, reviews, and so on for math, science, humanity, and even AP courses!
  • quizlet.com: quiz yourself easily! It works really well for vocabulary studying.

Tip Four: Review In A Smart Way

Some students may say that they did work hard on reviewing, but they still did bad on the exam. That may be caused by wrong review methods. Your purpose of review should be to find your weakness and overcome your weakness. That means going for the difficult, or forgotten parts, then study them to make sure you know them. The smart way to review is to review the essential points and use as little time as you can.

Tip Five: Review In A Group

Are you the type of students who perform better if working with other peers? Then reviewing in a group is probably a better method for you to use. Ask your classmates or friends to meet up some time before the exam and study together.  Make sure you and other people keep on task. Celebrate after the exam with them for all your hard work!

Tip Six: Find A Tutor

If you do not get some materials that are heavily counted in the exam, you should get help and probably find a tutor. Your teachers could be your tutor, ask nicely and leave enough time for the teachers to choose for tutoring. Your classmates may also be your tutor.

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