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The beauty of the world is that we all human beings, both similar and different. We may share some interests and we may disagree on concepts. What is each person’s own is the way they express themselves. To express yourself is an essential in life because it means we are doing what we love to do. No one should be afraid of who they are and what they enjoy. When you express yourself you allow others to see a huge part of who you are, why you favor this aspect, and communicate through another sense. It is different for everyone but here is a few examples that many may agree on:


Let art be your way of expression. (Photo Credits to: Grand Canyon NPS on Flickr)

1. Art – Art is vague concept. Every artist finds beauty in distinct elements of their creation. Art is always a symbol of beauty because it incorporates one’s imagination, timing,  precision, and consistency. For some, the beauty of art may be found on painted landscapes, crafted sculptures, or a collage. Artists express themselves through art by painting an illustration of their thoughts, emotions, and desires. They create what they want to see, what they have not seen, and what should be seen in a whole other sense. Artists can take an everyday view into another painting that exhibits their mood, lifestyle, and shift in value. The point is art has no boundaries. When you want to express yourself, you choose how, on what, and using what. Pen, pencil, crayons, or paint on a canvas, poster, or paper. The possibilities are endless.

2. Music – Music is beauty to the ears. It is when the tunes and voices form a harmony. This can be an expression alone or with a group. Music allows an individual to say anything they want to say, how they want it to be said, heard, and accompanied with what tune. They can emphasize on one word or phrase and have it be heard through the ears of others worldwide. The creation of music, in each piece, is an expression of oneself. No matter what, at least one portion of the song reflects the singer, song writer, or musician’s thoughts and feelings.

3. Writing – Writing allows oneself to put their personality, thoughts, and feelings into paper. They express themselves through their tone, word choice, syntax, and details. Each symbol and aspect of the writing can be interpreted and analyzed by a factor as simple as the color choice of a shirt, the weather in the story, or how frequent an element recurs. Although it is not music, it is heard through what you read and how you read it. Some people prefer to keep their writing locked up in a journal, in a blog on the internet, or through a novel to be published.

It does not matter the way you express yourself, only that you do. It does not need to be through art, music, or writing – it can be anything. Just enjoy it. Express yourself in one way or in more ways. Do not be afraid of what others think, let them see a part of you that is hidden.

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