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In the past, I’ve discussed things you can do to earn some extra cash without really putting in that much effort. In many senses, you can view these things as bits of “extra credit” in real life. Now, this article isn’t necessarily for the monetary gain, but you can receive benefits from many of these things, which are good causes in their respective forms. You’ll see what I mean as I continue this article.

One of the best ways to get “extra credit,” if you’re not squirmy and have a phobia of needles, is participating in blood drives. Often times you can get something good out of it. I know that in high school, you get to pick when you want to get your blood taken – which means you get to pick which class you get to skip.

You have so many opportunities in college. (photo by soundfromwayout)

You have so many opportunities in college. (photo by soundfromwayout)

When you grow up, you don’t get the luxury of skipping class for a blood drive, unless that’s just what you wanna do (hey, it’s your grade, after all!) Instead, you can catch blood drives at various restaurants (who may be giving out free lunches to those who are donating) – as well as earning some cash while you’re at it. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that they give you a cookie and some juice to keep your sugars at a normal level.

Bonus points if you give your plasma, which I’m not sure I would ever do because I’m pretty positive I’d pass out, but I hear some brave souls do!

Another “extra credit,” belongs to when you’re actually at your campus. Sure, after you’re done with your chemistry class and the lab that accompanies it, it’s nice to give yourself a break. After all, it’s a Friday right? At my campus, I’ve seen a craft fair (where you basically go around and make crafts for free, as long as you have your ID card) – and also a food tasting, where you get to try horrendously unhealthy but incredibly delicious foods that you’ll wait in line for – but it’ll be worth the wait!

Sometimes, as Collegecures suggests, extra credit in school comes out to better things in person too! Apparently, in Marketing Studies, the writer of the article was able to walk away with a pack of gum, a candy bar, seventeen dollars, and one percent added to her grade. I’d say she did pretty good, considering that was extra credit for a class that gave her benefits in her real life situation.

In regular everyday to day life (and I mean after college) – these kinds of opportunities won’t present themselves as often, if at all. So if you find yourself in a position where “extra credit” of any sort is available, the best thing to do is to take that opportunity. Make it happen!

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