Factors to Consider When Applying to College

When applying to colleges, there are many factors to consider. Never apply to a college simply because your boyfriend or girlfriend will go there. Applying to colleges itself costs a lot money, so you should be selective and think before spending the money. Here are some factors that you are supposed to think through when applying to colleges:

Factor One: Admission Requirements

Before applying to a college, you should definitely check the admission requirements, such as test scores, grade point average, and so on. Go on colleges’ websites for those information, or research on college board website. You should apply to more than one college. Divide colleges that you are interested in into three groups. First group is your “safety schools”, which are schools that you have a big chance to be admitted. Second group is your ” reach schools”, which means that you may be a little bit below their usual admission requirements, but still have some chance to get in. The final group is your “dream schools”, which are schools that you dream of, but may have a fairly small chance of getting admitted to.You should have more colleges on your safety and reach school lists than dream school list.

Factor Two: Your Interests

Choose a college depending on your own interests. Think about what majors you are interested in and look for colleges that are good in that area. The U.S. News website may help you to see which colleges are the best in the area you want to go into. But also remember, the ranking is only a little piece of information about a college. Again, do not choose a college depending on only one factor like ranking. Talk to counselor about different colleges or talk to people you know who are in the field that you may go into. If you are undecided about your future major, you should at least have a list of majors that interests you and look for colleges that have good programs of those majors.

Factor Three: Money

Money is an important factor in choosing colleges to apply to. Think about the tuition and other expenses. Do not waste time and money on colleges that you would not afford at all. Also, consider the fact that our-of-state colleges cost more than in-state colleges; Private colleges cost more than public colleges. Check this post to learn how you can pay for school.

College applications are mostly online now. (Photo by remark1983)

College applications are mostly online now. (Photo by remark1983)

Other Factors: Much More to Consider

Ask yourself the following questions:

1.Should I visit the campus? Will I like the campus?

2.Will I like the food on campus?

3.Will I enjoy the weather?

4.Are there a lot of job opportunities on campus?

5.How convenient is the transportation?

6.Is the class size big or small?

7.What is the its graduation rate?

8.What is the percentage of students who graduated from the college finding a job within two years after graduation?

9.How is the dorm like there?

10.What are percentages of different ethnic groups in that college?

11.What are percentages of different religious groups in that college?

12.Are there many studying abroad opportunities?

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