Fairly Useless Degrees

People tend to focus on the degrees that will make them the most successful: the highest-paying jobs you can earn with those degrees, the degrees that are pertinent to the society of today, and the safest and most secure careers you can have with said degrees. However, how will one be certain that their degrees, that are unbelievably expensive, will be worth anything in the work force without understanding and knowing what the most useless degrees are?

No graduate wants to get out into the “real world” to find that their degree is useless. (photo by Will Folsom)

As according to The Daily Beast, the most useless degree one can earn is one in Journalism – one that many students opt for, but is now being criticized and looked down upon for the insecurities: the traditional landscape for journalism is crumbling and many are becoming unemployed as a result. Perhaps expanding the degree to a general “Creative Writing” label would suit one better.

The second, still according to The Daily Beast, is a degree in horticulture. Terence Loose states that it is not that sustaining ourselves with plants is unimportant to our society. Obviously, humans need to sustain themselves on nourishment from plants or animals. However, farms are growing more efficient with every single day, thus, the need for managers on farms are growing minute.

The third is agriculture. The reasoning for this is understandably the same as a degree in horticulture.

The top three useless degrees include jobs that society assumes we need.

So why is it that they are useless? 

The truth is, they are not. In any degree, one is not limited to their major or minor. According to the NY Times, “Many have taken jobs that do not make use of their skills; about only half of recent college graduates said that their first job required a college degree.” It is not that any degree is useless; the education one acquires helps them gather particular skill-sets that will shape them for their future regardless of the job that they will have. As a teacher once told me, “It is not the degree you earn that paves your path, it is what you do with the degree.”

However, it is understandable that many would choose a degree that is safer and more abundant – one that is pertinent to our society today and for the days to come. With that being said, these degrees will continue to grow more and more “useless.” This does not mean they will act as an animal does and fall to extinction, but the people acquiring those degrees and even more so, doing something with those degrees, will be rather slim.

In fact, the “uselessness” of the degrees do not even dictate that the degrees are useless. In further examining and assessing the information, one would find that it is simply mirroring the state of the economy. As quoted by the NY Times, “…Evidence is emerging that the damage wrought by the sour economy is more widespread than just a few careers led astray or postponed. Even for college graduates — the people who were most protected from the slings and arrows of recession — the outlook is rather bleak.”

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