Fashion: The Education You Don’t Think You Need

Okay, maybe you do think you need fashion if you are planning to get a career in fashion design or merchandising, but for those who don’t, reconsider: regardless of whether or not you are a great person with a heart of gold, first impressions can make or break you. In career fields and in social settings, first impressions allow you to thrive and be successful, or plummet your social/career hierarchy.

You do not have to love fashion, but you must care for it. Your appearance ties in with your body language. If you, for example, smell or are wearing big, baggy clothes that obviously do not fit you, you appear as if you do not try at all and thus give off the impression that you are lazy and unproductive. Who is going to want to hire someone who is lazy and unproductive?

Take heed – although fashion’s important, one does not want to dress as they are in a fashion show in a workplace. (photo by Brendan Lally)

Forbes states that, “The more attractive you’re perceived to be, the more you earn and are respected.” It is a sad and cruel statement, but it is true: there is a likelihood that if you and a more attractive person are opting for the same position, and you both have the same skills, the more attractive person will reap the benefits that you could have.

Obviously, fashion in the workplace does matter. So, if you find that you are not fashion-sensible, what can you do to amp up your attractiveness and give yourself a better chance at the things you can do? Depending on your age, here are different fashion blogs you can seek inspiration from.

#1. Jeannie Mai’s blog:

Jeannie Mai, host of How Do I Look, is a style expert. Her show often helps people gain confidence, learn about style and how to dress for their body types, and offers helpful tools to get them started in their “new” lives. Her blog offers advice and insight into her fashion-filled world.

#2. The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist, marketed towards people over the age of thirty, is a blog run by Scott Schuman. Schuman’s work has been featured in GQ and Vogue Italia, as according to his Biography page. His site offers a helpful tool: categorizing posts by male or female helps to err out a lot of time that could be spent on his blog.

#3. Rookie Magazine is marketed towards teenagers. The site covers many different subjects, however, I will link to the “style” portion as it is most pertinent to this article. Although not the most formal of style websites, if kids are learning and caring about their appearance and style, they are more likely to not forget the things they learned when they are older! Besides, at the age of eighteen, not many people get serious jobs that would require the norms of office apparel.

#4. Faboverfifty

As the title suggests, faboverfifty is a style-aide for those over the age of fifty. The website offer advice on style, health, beauty, as well as general life tips for those of that age group.

Moral of the story is: regardless of your age, regardless of where you are in life, style should be important to you. Style is your first impression, style is that promotion that you’ve been yearning for, and style is taking time out of your (hectic) day to make yourself feel good.


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