Favorite Classes in College

Dailypost has asked these questions in a forum: “What was your favorite class when you were in high school or college? Bonus: Was it your favorite class at the time you took it? Why or Why not?”

Astronomy seems to be one of the most loved. (photo by Tony Crider via Corey Mitchell)

Astronomy seems to be one of the most loved. (photo by Tony Crider via Corey Mitchell)

And here is what some of the commentators had to say:

  • From B.C. Young #: “Tough one. It was either Astronomy, English, or Math. They were all fun. But looking back now, I’m going with English. It’s the one I use more than anything else in daily life for writing and speaking.”

  • From KaitlynRewired #: “The first class in my film minor was a class where every Monday we would go to my college’s theatre and screen different movies (usually pre-releases). It was like going to the movies once a week, for free! Plus, since we were in Malibu (Pepperdine University) we always had directors/writers/actors come as guest speakers.”

  • From Marie #: “Nutrition. One of the best, most interesting, most useful classes I’ve ever taken outside of my professional classes.”

  • From Yoriyuliandra #: “When I was in school: math *and I really hated biology, especially Mendel’s Law. When I was in university: pharmacology *and I didn’t really like math.”

  • From D #: “Seminar for Freshman” We listened to an audio tape from a man I can’t remember his name, but he gave a wonderful piece of advice that I have never forgotten. I was sad about a boyfriend and depressed. This man said something like, “You think one person is the one, the only one for you. But think about it. Out of 1,000 people, any 1,000, there has got to be many that could be ‘the one.’ ” And he went on using logic to clarify this. It made sense. And I recovered rapidly. Over the next 40 years, this advice has never left me to my great benefit. (Also, I liked all my art classes, that was my major and I also loved any English classes and history. I just like school.) — desha”

  • From Vampirezheart #: “~I’m in college now, still love pencil and watercolour drawing, History of Design, History of Art, Perspective, a drawing, insect practice in the countryside, 3D graphic and composition, colour study ;D”

  • From Mario Carr #: “Part of the curriculum was astronomy. I remember being out one freezing night in February looking at Orion and the teacher explaining about the stars and nebulae. It was an experience I’ll never forget and I wish everyone had the same opportunity. That experience confirmed my interest in the sciences and so I went on to university to study physics with the hopes of becoming a professional astronomer. That reality unfortunately never materialized.”

  • From Bewordy #: “In college, I’d have to say my favorite class was the creative writing class I had at Oxford. Also known as the class in which my eyeball swelled to the size of a golf ball and streamed tears uncontrollably for the duration of one entire session. Of course, the misery of this was compounded by the fact that my Oxford tutorials were one-on-one, so there was no chance of hiding in the background and escaping the utter humiliation of it all. Instead, my instructor and I stared at each other in awkward confusion as my eye grew ever more hideous, and then he offered me brandy.”

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