Fears of the Average College Student

In my last post, I talked about dreams of the average college student and even went a step ahead to provide details on how those dreams could be achieved. However, there are very valid fears of the average college student too – fears that should be openly discussed. That is exactly what I aim to do in this article. Basically, these are the average fears of your average college student. This should give you hope that you are not alone, in whatever situation you’ve managed to get yourself into.

I thought the quote was fitting. (photo by PraveenbenK)

I thought the quote was fitting. (photo by PraveenbenK)

#1. Reaching academic probation and/or never getting out of it.

We all go through seasons where school is on the back burner. Now, considering I’m not yet a full-time student, I don’t understand if the money aspect makes you put school on the front burner always – but if it’s still how I picture it – it will be on the back burner on occasion. So the problem lies when you reach academic probation. As I have stated in an article in the past, once a student is in – especially if he is a male – it will be harder to get out of or not drop out. It’s understandable – other people have been there. But even if your grades fall so low that you get put onto academic probation, you don’t have to give up entirely. You can get it right.

#2. Never getting out of debt.

As far as I am concerned, debt is going to be a nightmare. One of the new employees at my former high school just came straight out of the University of Tampa (which is a private college, if you didn’t know, which equates to bigger bucks usually) – fresh with about fifty thousand more debt to pay off. Don’t worry! You’ll be alright. Even though there are conspiracy theories on the matter, eventually we all get out of debt. Eventually, that is. Just be smart about your money. Yes, it’s easier said than done and everything always pops up that you didn’t expect you would have to financially take care of, but there’s ways. There is hope.

#3. Going to college.

Okay, so this one is mainly for those who are college’s first-timers. Basically, this article by education reveals that there are way too many people that are scared to go to college. And why, you may ask? Well, it’s a plethora of things. The article then quotes two students in their dismay: “When asked what he worried about before getting to Grinnell College (IA), Ian Young said, “Whether I would make friends. Whether my roommate was going to be a weirdo. Whether I learned anything in high school.” Aaron Castro, heading to the United States Naval Academy (MD), said that at first leaving home to become surrounded by the unknown was a terrifying thought. And Sandra Lazo de la Vega, preparing to go to Florida Atlantic University’s Wilkes Honors College, stewed about “[b]uying things. It seemed like all the stores were selling everything and I needed to get one of each color.”

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