Fight Against Bullying at School

“Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance” as defined by Everyone at school may become the target of bullying. But don’t worry, here are some ways to help you to fight against bullying.


Fight against bullying and make a difference! ( Photo by Boom Boom! Revolution)

Way One: Prevent Bullying

Bullying can be prevented. School staffs, teachers, parents, students and even other people can contribute to the prevention of bullying.

1. School Staffs: They can prevent bullying by improving the school safety system. They should stop bullying before it starts. There should be policy against bullying, too.

2. Teachers: They can prevent bullying by teaching the students about bullying. If the students are informed about the negative effects of bullying and ways to deal with it, they won’t bully others and will know how to protect themselves.

3. Parents: They should talk about bullying with their children. If they find their children being bullied or bullying others, they should encourage or correct their children quickly.

4. Students: As the direct group of people who are influenced by bullying, students should be taught to face bullying bravely and learn how to have positive influence on others against bullying.

5. Other People: They can support the prevention of bullying by doing community service or making their voice counted. They can join a anti-bullying organization or spread the importance of fighting against bullying with others.

Way Two: Make a Difference by Your Actions

You can make a difference by responding to bullying when it happens. No matter who you are, a student, teacher, or parents, you should stop the bullying when you see it. After you stop the bullying, you should learn about what happened that lead to the bullying. Do not just let both sides go, because it would happen again. Help the students to solve the conflicts and teach them why bullying is bad and why it should be faced bravely. If you are a student yourself, you should be extra careful on how to stop bullying. Avoid making the situation worse by using negative attitude or offensive body language. You should go up calmly and do not criticize directly toward the one who is bullying the other. If you think you can not handle the situation, you should make actions, too. You could tell a teacher or school staff to stop the bullying or you could ask other students to stop the bullying with you.

Way Three: Spread Positive Influence

  • Join an Organization: To help to fight against bullying in general, you could become a part of the anti-bullying organization. You may write for the organization, or participate in other activities against bullying.
  • Start Your Own Organization: You may start an anti-bullying club at your school or bring your friends together to make a difference.
  • Use Social Media: Use Facebook, twitter, or other medias to spread information against bullying.
  • Check These Websites For More Information: /

Way Four: What If I Am Bullied?

  • Take Online Courses: Distance learning creates an environment almost free of bullying. Check this post for more benefits of distance learning.
  • Face Bullying Bravely
  • Talk With Others About It
  • Seek Help Positively
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2 comments on “Fight Against Bullying at School
  1. darrell davis says:

    My grand son is being bullied at his school. This has been going on for quite some time. The school administration has ignored the problem and its gotten so bad where the child is thinking about suicide. I need help. What can I do? We have talked to school administration and it is going in one ear and out the other.

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