Finding Joy in the Mundane

When we think of our lives, it is not the time we spent cleaning the house, and it is not the time we spent in school. Those things are not memorable, majority of the time. In fact, those are things we often find draining and fatiguing. Instead of looking at it from a miserable, “Ugh, I have to do this,” perspective, we should look at it from a, “Wow, I’m happy I’m able to do this,” perspective.

Joy can come easily to us if we allow it to. (photo by Rigor Mortisque)

Joy can come easily to us if we allow it to. (photo by Rigor Mortisque)

The reason it is so very important that we view the everyday life tasks as something that brings joy instead of something that simply needs to be done is that when we think of the latter, we limit our capabilities. We push off the motivations we need to have and we don’t realize the beauty in what we are doing, whether it be taking care of our home, our bodies, or even attaining an education.

In the same way that they say, “You won’t understand the happiness unless you feel sadness,” one won’t understand joy unless they are able to make the best of the not-so-exciting occurrences that happen in everyday life.

Others have realized this as well – in fact, enjoying the mundane is commonly spoken of in the Christian denominations. Here is an article in which a woman depicts how inconsolable she was, and how finding joy in the mundane, through Christ, had helped her to overcome her “funk.” Here is another depiction by MORE magazine that offers practical solutions to make the boring bearable.

When we are motivated to do the things that we are not particularly fond of, we are able to grow. We are able to overcome. We are able to find joy in the mundane. There is so much that can be learned from cleaning your household, taking care of your body, and acquiring an education.

I’m not naive to think that there are those of us that believe that education is merely something that we all must go through for the prospect of monetary bliss at the end. For those of you who revere education as such, I would highly recommend for you to rethink the way you live.┬áNot only is education a more successful achievement when you enjoy what you are accomplishing, but education is another thing that allows for us to grow as people. There are quotes, as I have mentioned in previous posts, that suggest that the more education there is in a place, the less crime there is in the same place.

Then there are those of us who do not even want to strive for education. If that be the case – if you are stricken with Senioritis or think your life is mapped out and predestined by yourself – I recommend taking a hard look at other’s lives. Chances are, your big plans are not what is going to end up happening. There have been countless times in history where a predestined plan has not followed through. Even though a morbid, pessimistic thought, it is true. Education is the safest way to assure yourself of a life-plan. Even then, it is not set in stone, but you will at least be more ready for the world that is to come.

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