Finding Scholarships for Health Care Management

Yesterday I wrote about Health Care Administration, what it was all about, and how a person could pursue an education and career in the field (missed it? Well check it out right here). Now, for those of you who are thinking about going down that road, I wanted to follow up with a little more information about how to get that going.


Scholarships can help you defray the cost of a college education. Photo by The Cleveland Kid

Specifically — scholarships.

Health Care Administration, like many fields, has many scholarships for its students, if you know where to look. Here are just a few of them.

Richard J Stull Essay Competition – Every year financial awards are given out for the winners of this contest, which involves writing an essay about the health care management field, its issues and recent developments.

Finish Strong Scholarship – The University of Phoenix is one of the largest on line universities in the country. Among the many scholarships they offer are the Finish Strong awards, given to sixteen different “outstanding” students in the health care administration field. The award is a full tuition scholarship, and is open to undergrads and Masters degree candidates.

Foster G McGraw Scholarship – Twenty different scholarships in the amount of five thousand dollars are awarded to graduate students in their final year.

Corris Boyd Scholars Program – This is another full tuition scholarship, awarded to a deserving minority student in the field.

Connecticut Women in Health Care Management scholarship – This one thousand dollar award is presented every year to an exceptional female student, either undergraduate or graduate level.

Albert Dent Graduate Scholarship – Open to minority members of the ACHE (the American College of Health care Executives) who want to continue their education. Only for graduate school purposes, the award was named after the first African-American member of the ACHE. It is earned based on financial need and scholastic achievement.

General Electric Healthcare Management Scholarship Program – This is a five thousand dollar award, presented from GE and the ASRT (the American Society of Radiologic Technicians). Open to Masters and Doctoral students who are members of the ASRT.

The Institute for Diversity in Health Care Management scholarships – The IDHCM offers three scholarships every year, for qualified minority students in the field. The Cathy Brock Memorial scholarship is for a student wanting to focus on health care finance. The Eliot Robert scholarship is for a student who wants to work in the public sector. The Diversified Investment Advisors Leaders in Health Care Scholarship is for graduate students who demonstrate financial need.

Scholarships can be funded by anyone, but more often than not they are supported by one of three different groups – private or civic organizations, corporations, and educational institutions. Each scholarship may be unique, and not every scholarship is open to every student (some are gender based, race based, or achievement based).

The monetary award for each scholarship varies, as does the qualifying criteria. But in general, the most important aspects of getting a scholarship are: academic record, financial need, extracurricular activities, work experience, and letters of recommendation.

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